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Corporate travel services in a nutshell

Planning your business journey using our corporate travel service will pay off in a myriad of ways. Our expert consultants oversee your travel itinerary and provide excellent service. The companies who utilize our services will observe a greater time efficiency, more profitable operations, and can offer their staff a smoother journey. We'd like to refer all interested parties to fill out the form here below. Existing customers can sign in to our business portal linked above.

Making the contract

You request a contract with the corporate travel service by filling out the application.

Travel consultant keeps an eye on everything

One of our expert travel consultants oversees the travel itinerary and assists in the planning of the trip.

Simple overview on the business portal

Head on over to our business portal for keeping tabs on all things related to your journey. It's simple and easy to use.

Your journey awaits!

The only thing left to do is take to the skies. Enjoy your streamlined journey.

All aspects of your journey, all in one place

Once a contract has been drawn, your firm will be matched with a consultant. Equipped with expertise and a vast experience in the field, your consultant will create an efficient itinerary, manage all necessary information when making a booking, and keep tabs on the progression of your journey.

This setup ensures a well organized journey where all procedures run smoothly and speedily. In addition, the consultant will take into account your needs and preferences, resulting in a tailor-made service.

If this structure sounds like a good match for your travel needs, we invite you to fill out the application below.

Overview on the business portal

You will be given access to our online business portal, where it's easy to get a birds-eye overview of past journeys and itineraries, flight tickets that have been issued, and receipts.

Contact us

Are there any lingering questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

We're open every weekday from 8-16, and those who wish to inquire about our services can call + 354 50 50 757. It's also possible to reach us via email to [email protected].