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07/06/2021 | 11:00 AM

Icelandair supports our search and rescue association

This week, Icelandair signed a new 5-year co-operation agreement with Landsbjörg, the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR). We got great weather when we signed the agreement at the Geldingadalir eruption site.

We have worked on safe travel in co-operation with ICE-SAR and been one of their main sponsors since 2014. On the same occasion, we presented the local ICE-SAR team in Grindavík, called Þórbjörn, with a new annual award, Verndarvængurinn (the Guardian Wing) for their important contribution to ensuring the safety of the 160,000 people that have visited the eruption site since it began in March.

ICE-SAR plays a key role in the Icelandic Civil Protection system. The work of the search and rescue teams across the country has expanded alongside the growth of tourism in Iceland, and as the airline that transports the majority of tourists to Iceland, we believe it is important that we support the efforts of ICE-SAR to promote safe travel in Iceland. 

The agreement consists of a direct financial contribution as well as a travel grant for domestic and international flights. We also emphasize cooperation when it comes to accident prevention and communication with tourists through the website In addition, we will continue working closely with ICE-SAR regarding safety training and crisis management plans.