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10/17/2017 | 12:00 AM

We welcome young travelers to the Icelandair Saga Club

Icelandair Saga Club is glad to announce that young travelers, between the age of 12-18 are now able to sign up to and earn Saga Points. They will enjoy the same privileges as other members. Young members will earn Saga Points in the same way as others members and will be able to redeem their Saga Points with Icelandair and its partners around the world.  

Join Icelandair Saga Club

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Members aged 12 to 18 have to register the full name and Saga Card number of a legal guardian to finish their registration.
  • They will receive a Saga Card number, username and password like other members.
  • They will earn and redeem Saga Points in the same way as other members.
  • They will be sent a Saga Card once the first Saga Points for an Icelandair flight have been registered to their Saga account.
  • They can only register one legal guardian.
  • They can become Saga Silver and Saga Gold members.
  • Legal guardians only have the right to get information about the young travelers account and activities. Young travelers have the sole right to redeem their Saga Points.

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