Pingdom Check
05/25/2022 | 1:00 PM

LEGO legends

In 2021, we celebrated 10 years of flights to Billund in Denmark. The Danish town is the birthplace of the famed LEGO brick, known the world over, and to commemorate the occasion we enlisted two talented young men, Brynjar Karl and Mikael Þór, to build a Boeing jet out of LEGO. Brynjar is no stranger to engineering LEGO bricks into objects – this autistic visionary had a clear vision of how to get the bricks to take off.

This huge task took the builders nearly a year to complete and required both tenacity and 25,000 multi-hued bricks. The result is a detailed jet in our livery: a stunning engineering achievement that represents creativity, our dedication to the spirit of Iceland, and – above all – patience!

The plane is going on its maiden voyage and will land in Frederiksberg Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the summer of 2022.

It’s remarkable how something so small can be so impactful. 

Icelandair plane made from LEGO bricks, with Icelandair livery and pink tail stripe