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What to see and do in Billund

The exterior of the Lego House in Billund, Denmark, with the Danish flag in shot

Visiting Billund

You may not have heard of this small town in regional Denmark, but Billund probably features in some of your fondest childhood memories. How so? This is where Lego was born, way back in 1932.

Icelandair offers regular cheap flights to Billund, Denmark from North America for family-focused fun and all the Lego your heart desires. Kids rule here! Fly to Billund and make your children (and your inner child) deliriously happy.

Before you take on a world dedicated to plastic toys and mini-figures, how about exploring the small but mighty Nordic capital? When you book a flight to Billund with Icelandair you have the opportunity to add a stopover in Iceland at no additional airfare.

What to eat in Billund

After your flight to Billund, you’ll no doubt want to settle that rumbling stomach. And you’re in luck because Billund's restaurants are used to catering to holidaying families.

There are plenty of kid-friendly buffets and simple fast-food - pizzas, hot chips, ice creams, you know the stuff.

We recommend that you try some classic Danish foods: flaky pastries (yum), super smørrebrød (traditional open sandwiches), hot dogs (the fast food of choice for locals) and lots of fishy treats.

And if you're after a different kind of dining experience, nearby cities with wider choices include Fredericia, Vejle and Esbjerg.

The best place in Denmark outside Copenhagen for dining on delectable Danish dishes (old-school and new Nordic) is Aarhus, about 60 miles from Billund.

 Man serves filled baguettes from an open hatch in Copenhagen, Denmark
A woman takes a picture of two children who are sat in front of a large lego dinosaur display

Things to do in Billund

When it comes to exploring the city, let us be your guide to Billund.

Billund is a company town, built from the success of one brand. You may think that sounds a little dull and business-like, but it's not - especially when the town's star brand is Lego. Experts have judged it the 'toy of the century,' and who are we to argue?

This town puts kids at the heart of everything. First up is the Legoland amusement park. Here you’ll find attractions formed entirely from the famous plastic bricks – from an aquarium to a pirate ship to a haunted house. Then there's Lalandia, a big activity and entertainment center for families, housing a waterpark, play center, miniature golf, and lots more.

Billund’s newest addition is their Lego House, and it sure is a beauty. The interactive cultural center is cleverly designed to resemble a stack of giant bricks and is full of colorful play areas and hands-on exhibits.

Where to visit near Billund

Billund sits in the center of Jutland (the peninsula attached to Germany) and is a gateway to regional Denmark.

Once you're tired of Lego (if that’s even possible?), make the trip to Aarhus, Denmark's second city. It's home to great museums, cool design stores and Michelin-starred gastronomic delights.

Or, take a short drive from Billund and you can explore sweetly preserved Ribe, Denmark's oldest town, or the wild west coast, full of summer vacation settlements and seafood restaurants as well as cute offshore islands.

Remarkably, there are also three Unesco World Heritage sites nearby: Jelling is home to ancient Viking monuments, Christiansfeld celebrates unique religious architecture, and the Wadden Sea National Park is a tidal treasure full of birdlife, seals and oyster-harvesting opportunities.

A birds eye view of the harbor at Babbacombe Model Village

FAQs about travel to Billund

Helpful information for travelers to Billund

What Canadian cities fly to Billund, Denmark?

Many major Canadian cities fly into Billund thanks to Icelandair’s broad connectivity to the country of Denmark through Iceland. Use the filters on the interactive pricing displays above to explore prices from your nearest airport.

How long are flights to Billund?

This largely depends on where you are flying from in Canada and how long your layover is. For example, Toronto to Billund flights can take 8.5 hours on average.

How to find cheap flights to Billund?

The cheapest time to fly to Billund tends to be during the winter as this is when the demand is slightly lower. That’s not to say that you can’t find a good deal all-year-round, or that you’re guaranteed a cheap flight to Billund in the winter.

For the best price, we simply recommend booking your flights in advance and checking our deals regularly.

When to book your flight to Billund, Denmark?

Denmark’s high season runs from May to August. The days are long, with the sun not setting until late evening, and the temperature is warm too. Seeing as a lot of Billund’s’ Legoland resort is outside, you want to explore this when it’s dry and relatively cool.