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More Legroom

Want to get more comfortable during your journey? Get a seat with More Legroom and stretch out whenever you feel like it.

Get more comfortable!

Icelandair now offers passengers the chance to get more comfortable in spacious More Legroom seats.  

Seat pitch on board Icelandair’s fleet is already above industry standard (a generous minimum of 31 or 32” / 79 cm to 81 cm), but with our new More Legroom seats you can secure yourself even more space. 

Sometimes the little things can make a big difference. If you’re looking for extra space and comfort, you can choose seats with a minimum of 34” (86 cm) pitch, or more than 40” (102 cm) in some instances.  

Please note that More Legroom seats are not available on domestic flights and flights to Greenland. This is due to the aircraft serving these destinations.

A place with even more space

Our More Legroom seats are not all created equal.  

There are three types of More Legroom seats: some are in the front of the aircraft cabin, and others are by the emergency exits. 

  • Front of cabin is a reclinable seat with at least 34” (86cm) pitch, and a power outlet. 
  • Exit row seat with recline features a pitch of at least 38” (96cm).  
  • Exit row seat with restricted recline has a pitch of at least 36” (91cm) pitch or more, with limited or no recline. 

Note that there are rules on who can sit in exit row seats: these passengers must be at least 12 years of age, be physically and mentally fit at the time of travel, and willing and able to help in case of an emergency. Passengers traveling with infants may not be seated in an exit row, or in the row directly in front of or behind an exit row.


The price of a More Legroom seat varies according to seat layout and route. You pay per flight leg.

Have you not booked the flight yet? The prices for More Legroom seats are displayed during the booking process.

Do you already have a booking? Go to My Journey and find the price for adding More Legroom to your booking.

Where to buy More Legroom?

  • During the booking process 
  • Through your travel agent at the time of booking 
  • By contacting our service center

  • In My Journey  
  • Through online check-in  
  • At the check-in desk  
  • On board using Saga Points
  • On board with a credit card

    Terms and conditions

    More Legroom seats are non-refundable and non-transferable 

    However, there are certain instances where a refund is granted:  

    1. If your flight is cancelled. 
    2. If the More Legroom seat you have purchased is not available due to aircraft change. 
    3. If you are accepted for a Class Up or if you purchase an upgrade.  

    Passengers who purchase an exit row seat but do not meet the conditions will be moved, and no refund is given. 

    Please note that purchasing a seat with more legroom does not guarantee or give you a legal right to a particular seat (e.g. 7A or 7B) nor does it guarantee a window, middle or an aisle seat, although we try to honor those requests. What you are purchasing is a seat with more legroom in a certain price category.

    More Legroom seats are non-transferable between passengers. If a passenger holds a pre-purchased seat and decides not to travel, the seat is lost and no refund is given. 

    For more information, see the More Legroom terms and conditions.