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What to see and do in Geneva

Best time to fly to Geneva

The most popular time to fly to Geneva is during the summer months of June – August, with crowds of locals and tourists flocking to the lake shores. . It’s warm and sunny but never gets too humid due to the high altitude.

Geneva is also a popular destination during the winter months of December to March. The nearby ski resorts are full of keen skiers and snowboarders during this time.

The months of November and May are typically the quietest because they’re in between the high seasons of summer and winter. But from the beautiful Alpine spring in April-May to the cold but festive months of December-January, Geneva is a wonderful place to visit all year round.

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Getting around Geneva

Public transport in Geneva is incredibly efficient. Its interconnected system of buses, trams, trains and mouettes (yellow transport boats), all of which use the same tickets, which can be bought at machines at every bus or tram stop.

Flagging down a taxi isn’t easy, and there are only a handful of taxi ranks around the city. It’s, therefore, best to hire a cab in advance or have a taxi company number saved on your phone if you want to travel by car.

Getting to and from the airport is also straightforward. You can take a 6-minute train ride from the airport to the city center, and there are trains departing every 12 minutes during peak hours.

You can also continue onwards from Geneva to France via train directly from the airport.

Things to do in Geneva

Home to big-name international organizations, mountain vistas and lakeside parks, Geneva is the perfect combination of class and cosmopolitanism with a good serving of natural beauty on the side.

The city has a great supply of world-class museums to explore, dedicated to the history, art, and local traditions of Switzerland, including their internationally celebrated watch-making. You can also visit some of the high-caliber establishments that reside here, like Palais des Nations (home of the UN) and CERN, an innovative hub of scientific research.

Geneva is also renowned for its shopping scene. Whether you want to explore high-end retail on the parallel streets of Rue du Rhône and Rue du Marché or visit flea markets and antique stores in the Old Town, you won’t be disappointed by the retail opportunities.

Before heading home, why not pick up some signature souvenirs? Geneva is home to lots of chic boutiques that sell the nation’s signature staples, including jewelry, watches, and perfectly packaged chocolate treats.

Dining in Geneva

When you’re done exploring, why not unwind with a lakeside picnic or promenade? Lake Geneva (called Lac Leman in French) is Europe's largest lake, and in summer the locals swim at inviting beaches and pavilions.

In fact, one of your best (and cheapest) meals might be a picnic in one of the city's fine parks.

Find local flavor in the Old Town on Place du Bourg-de-Four, Geneva's oldest square. Classy and cool cafes and bistros are plentiful in the pretty Carouge neighborhood (billed as the Greenwich Village of Geneva), and Pâquis provides a fertile hunting ground for global cuisine and late-night bars.

If you're after traditional local specialties, look out for cheese fondue, or try a smoked sausage known as saucisson vaudois, or pan-fried lake fish. And of course, tasting Swiss chocolate is a must.

FAQs about travel to Geneva

Helpful information for travelers to Geneva

When is the cheapest time to fly to Switzerland?

Switzerland is popular all year round, as each season offers a different experience. However, the cheapest time to fly to Switzerland is usually November, after the summer high season but just before the popular winter sports season.

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How far is Geneva from Canada?

Flights to Geneva from Canada are usually around 10-11 hours long, depending on where you’re travelling from and if you have a layover.

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Which Canadian airports offer flights to Geneva?

Icelandair offers regular flights to Geneva, Switzerland. Whether you’re flying from Toronto to Geneva or booking Vancouver to Geneva flights, let Icelandair fly you to this dreamy Swiss destination.

Are there 2 airports in Geneva?

Geneva International Airport (GVA) is the main airport servicing Geneva. It is located 2.5 miles (4km) from the city center. There is also a separate private airline terminal that is in cooperation with the main airport.

Is it better to go to Geneva or Zurich?

Both Geneva and Zurich are fantastic cities to visit in their own right; each offering Alpine landscapes, lakes, museums and culture. One major difference between the two Swiss hotspots is that people in Geneva speak French, while those in Zurich speak German.

If you’re planning on traveling to the French Alps or seeking a more relaxed vacation spot, then Geneva is the better option. However, Zurich is an exciting destination for cultural hot spots and a more buzzing nightlife than Geneva, so it really depends on what you’re after!

Do you need a visa to fly to Geneva?

Citizens of Canada with a valid tourist passport can fly to Switzerland for a short stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day period without having to obtain a visa. This applies to all countries in the Schengen area, including neighboring France, Germany, and Italy.