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Baggage issues

We always do our best to take care of your belongings.

If you believe Icelandair damaged your checked baggage or if your baggage has been delayed, please review this page to see how to report your claim. Though Icelandair carefully handles and transports your baggage, your checked baggage may show evidence of wear based on normal handling.

If your baggage is delayed we always do our best to locate it as soon as possible. Most delayed bags are found within 24 hours. Should your baggage be delayed more than 24 hours and you need to buy toiletries and other essential items packed in your baggage, or you need to rent equipment because yours is delayed, we will reimburse you for these costs within reasonable limits.

Icelandair considers reasonable expenses in relation to baggage delay time to be:

  • 100 USD

Burden of proof of any damages or delays always lies with the passenger. The passenger consequently should prove that the damage occurred during air transport. You must prove your actual loss by: 

  •  PIR report 
  •  Receipts for the actual expenses

Delayed baggage

If your bag is delayed, we’ll do our best to send it to you as soon as possible. Normally, 95% of all delayed baggage is located within 24 hours.

You must report your missing baggage immediately at the airport if the baggage doesn´t arrive on the same flight as you.

When you have reported your luggage missing, the airport representative will give you a Property Irregularity Report (e.g. KEFFI12345). This is a unique file reference, connected to your missing baggage, and it is important to save it until you have received your baggage.

After you have reported your delayed baggage, Icelandair will begin an immediate search for your bag. We will keep you updated via text and email while we are searching. Even if you do not receive any updates, Icelandair is still searching for your baggage.

You can trace your baggage and update your delivery information here. You will need your a Property Irregularity Report number.

When your baggage has been located

When we locate your baggage, you will be contacted regarding delivery of your baggage. You need to send a written claim to Icelandair's Customer service, as soon as possible, and not later than 21 days after your baggage is made available to you, to get reimbursements for any expenses caused by your baggage delay. You must include your PIR report and receipts for all the expenses. In order for us to make any kind of reimbursement, you must have suffered an actual and proven financial loss. To file a claim with Icelandair Customer service, use our online form.

Damaged baggage

Still at the airport

If you notice that your baggage was damaged during a flight, bring it to Icelandair's Baggage Service immediately after arrival. All damages will need to be reviewed and evaluated by the baggage service office personnel. When you have reported the damaged baggage, the airport representative will give you a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).This is a unique file reference, connected to your baggage, and you must be sure that you receive a copy of the Property Irregularity Report.

Already left the airport

When discovering the damages at home, you will have to return to the airport to report your damages, within 7 days after arrival. Please note that reporting the damage after you left the airport may cause you evidential difficulties. Icelandair does not cover baggage that has not been reported to Icelandair Baggage Service at the airport or a written claim to Icelandair's Customer service has not been filed within 7 days after arrival. A Property Irregularity Report is not considered as a written claim. 

A written claim needs to be sent separately to Icelandair's Customer service, here within 7 days after arrival and the claim needs to include: 

  • Your Property Irregularity Report reference number
  • Original receipt of purchase of the baggage
  • Pictures/prove of the damage

Is your baggage repairable or is it evaluated ruined?

Depending on the damages of your baggage, it will either be repaired or compensated.

Take your baggage to a licensed repair store for evaluation. In Iceland, the licensed repair store is Töskuviðgerðin, Ármúla 34, 108 Reykjavík.

You need to submit a claim with us through our online form. This applies equally to Icelandic resident and others.

  • According to IATA regulations the value of a bag goes down 10% per year

Icelandair is not liable for damages such as:

  • Preexisting damage 
  • Including minor cuts 
  • Scratches and broken zippers as a result of over packing 
  • For wear and tear resulting from ordinary handling of the baggage

Maximum liability

Icelandair's liability, along with other airlines, is limited in accordance with the Montreal Convention. 

Icelandair’s liability is limited to 1131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights = a currency exchange rate that may vary) per customer for checked and unchecked baggage, which is why it may be to your advantage to contact your insurance company for reimbursement.

Icelandair is not liable for damage caused by:

  • Overpacking
  • Water, rain or snow
  • Fragile or perishable items inside
  • Ordinary wear and tear (cosmetic or superficial damages)

Lost baggage

Normally, 95% of all delayed baggage is located within 24 hours. In the unlikely event that your bag has been missing for 21 days, you can submit a claim for lost baggage.

If you have travel insurance, it’s a good idea to explore this option first. 

Our liability for lost baggage, as for all other international airline carriers, is limited by international regulations and guidelines and can be found in our general conditions of baggage.