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Payment methods

You can use the most common payment methods to pay for all our services, easily and securely.

Payment methods may vary between countries and therefore depend on which language/region you have selected on our website. Regardless of your chosen payment method, we ensure that your payment is safe.


We accept the following cards:

Credit Cards

  • VISA Card
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club / Discover* 

    Debit Cards

    • Maestro
    • Mastercard Debit
    • Visa Debit
    • Visa Electron

    *(temporary only available to pay when booking on our website and not via an agent)

    In addition to your card credentials, you may also have to provide a transaction number (TAN) or a password.
    After your payment has been authorized, you will see a confirmation of the issued ticket on the website and an e-ticket will be sent to your email address.

    Saga Points

    Members of the Icelandair Saga Club can earn Saga Points, which can then be used to pay for flights and additional services both online and on board. Explore the benefits of Saga Club membership.

    Gift certificates

    Our Gift Certificates can be used as payment for all Icelandair flights.


    iDEAL is a solution available for the Dutch market. It allows you to make a direct banking transfer in real time where the payments are processed via a mobile banking app or your online banking.


    The Loftbrú discount scheme offers lower domestic airfares for residents in rural areas of Iceland. Find out more about how Loftbrú works.  


    Netgíró is a mobile wallet solution for the Icelandic market. It uses your bank card information to make a payment. Additionally, Netgíró allows you to postpone your payments or split the amount into several installments.

    Secure Online Payment

    In order to secure your online card transactions, some countries require a TAN or a password, sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

    This type of payment is also referred to as 3D Secure and is supported by all cards accepted by Icelandair. Please note that the payment is accepted only if the correct TAN or password is entered.

    For more information about 3D Secure, please contact the bank that issued your card or refer to the following pages: