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Traveling with children and infants

We aim to make flying enjoyable for our youngest passengers.

Note that children and infants get a discount on airfare. See more details on discounted prices below.

Activities on board

We aim to entertain kids when they fly with us.

In the personal in-flight entertainment system you'll find a variety of movies and TV shows for children of all ages, ranging from live-action movies to animated series. We provide children with headphones as well, so they can enjoy the entertainment on board.

For those who like more hands-on activities, we hand out pencils and activity sheets for them to get creative. 

Food for kids

Kids (2-11 years)

Children between the ages of 2 and 11 receive a complimentary refreshment and drink on all flights. There is no need to pre-order refreshments for kids.

Infants (0-2 years)

We also offer our youngest passengers complimentary fruit puree and oatmeal but in our efforts to reduce food waste, we kindly ask that parents pre-order refreshments for their infants. Please contact our service center at least 24 hours prior to departure to add refreshments for your infant to your booking.

Warm water is always available on board to warm up milk.

Booking a ticket for infants

It is necessary to purchase a ticket for an infant. They are priced significantly lower than tickets for children, but the actual discount depends on the fare type.

When traveling with an infant under the age of 2 (24 months), the infant does not require a seat as they will be seated in the parent’s lap. If you wish to book a seat for an infant, you can select a seat during the booking process. Passengers traveling with infants may not be seated in an exit row, or in the row directly in front of or behind an exit row.

For more information about baggage allowance for infants, check out our baggage allowance page

Tickets for unborn children

It's not possible to book a ticket for an unborn child. If you're planning future travel with a child that is yet to be born and wish to book an infant ticket, it's possible to add the child to an existing booking after birth, when the child has been given their name. Contact our service center for more information.