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Flights from Glasgow to Toronto with a touch of Iceland

For the best fares and an unparalleled flying experience, choose Icelandair to fly from Glasgow (GLA) to Toronto (YYZ). Icelandair provides hundreds of hours of movies and music in the in-flight entertainment system, Wi-Fi access on most flights, and a USB power port at every seat to power up your laptop or smartphone. You'll enjoy an easy transit at our Keflavik hub and one of the shortest flying times over the Atlantic.

A city of cultural variety

Toronto is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Everyone is made to feel welcome in this lively metropolis on the shores of Lake Ontario. The city has a certain European texture. Many of its buildings draw inspiration from the European and American architecture of the 19th century. The large number of skyscrapers give many neighborhoods a distinctly modern feel. Yet, there are odd old-fashioned surprises in between the high-risers. Visit for instance the Casa Loma, a Gothic mansion of the early 20th century, renowned for its lavish and eccentric building style.

The cultural breadth of life in Toronto means that cuisine from all over the world is available to you. China, Korea, Italy, India; they are all represented here in abundance. The world’s artistic, cultural and natural variety is showcased in Canada’s largest exhibition space: The Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto’s estimated 230 nationalities live in 140 neighborhoods. The city's variety is incredible!

But then, there are some things that are singled out as particularly Canadian. Hockey will inevitably make it into any short-list of the hallmarks of Canadian culture and has its own Toronto Hall of Fame. And why not be a bit adventurous and go see a game of Lacrosse, Canada’s national game since 1859, and one that rivals hockey as the most popular sport in the country.

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Add a stopover in Iceland to your journey

Travelers flying from Glasgow to Toronto with Icelandair have the option to stopover in Iceland. You could simply change planes and be in and out of the airport in under an hour. But you can also add an extra dimension to your journey, making a stop on our island for anywhere from 1 to 7 days, at no additional airfare. You will have the opportunity to explore Iceland's glacial lagoons, geysers, lava fields and waterfalls, and to enjoy the cozy cafés and charming boutiques of Reykjavik.

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