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Visiting Nuuk

Nuuk (called Godthåb in Danish) is the capital of Greenland, balancing commerce and culture with fresh air and stunning views. 

It's one of the world’s smallest capital cities, home to only around 18,000 inhabitants, and it sits at the mouth of a gigantic fjord complex in southwest Greenland. It might surprise you to know that Nuuk's latitude is only a few kilometers north of Reykjavík.

Icelandair has direct flights from Iceland to Greenland. Flight time from Keflavík Airport (KEF) to Nuuk (GOH) is 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Icelandair flights between Iceland and Nuuk now use Keflavík International Airport (KEF) - there will no longer be flights between Nuuk and Reykjavík City Airport (RKV).

Arctic big city

Nuuk is what you would call an Arctic big city. There are cozy cafes and restaurants, a cinema, shopping mall and hotels, and there's a cultural charm that almost makes you forget you’re standing close to the Arctic Circle. 

The work of local artists and designers can be found in interesting boutiques and souvenir stores. There's also a vibrant nightlife on weekends in the local bars and discos (there's even a local brewery).

The city is historically impressive, and the nature on Nuuk's doorstep invites visitors to go exploring. For big views, climb up to the lookout at the colonial harbor (Kolonihavn) where a statue of Hans Egede stands. Egede, a Danish-Norwegian priest, founded Nuuk in 1728. 

Museums and culture

A visit to the Greenland National Museum is highly recommended. It is found in the old part of town and offers a big-picture understanding of the archaeology, recent history, people, and arts and crafts of Greenland over 4,500 years. 

Don't miss the beautiful Katuaq Cultural Centre, inspired by the northern lights, which serves as a venue for art exhibits, concerts, conferences, and a cinema.

The Nuuk Art Museum is well worth a stop, and has established an art walk where you can discover artworks on a route between the museum and the colonial harbor.

Get out of town

The name Nuuk means 'the headland', and it's situated at the tip of a large peninsula at the mouth of a gigantic fjord complex that is ripe for exploration on a fjord tour. 

The iconic Sermitsiaq (Saddle Mountain) is 1210 meters (3970ft) tall and sits on an island in the fjord, with its summit visible from most places in the city.

On a whale safari you can get close to the humpback and minke whales that visit the fjord waters from early summer to the onset of fall. In addition, helicopter trips to the ice sheet and Norse ruins are popular combination excursions, as are visits to settlements by boat.