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Delayed flights

Is your flight delayed?


If your Icelandair flight has been delayed by 5 hours or longer you can choose to travel with the next available flight to your final destination, depending on seat availability. 

Please contact our handling agents at the airport for assistance or contact 1-800-223-5500 for assistance.

When your itinerary requires rebooking because of a flight delay, for example, if the delay would lead to a missed connection, our automated systems will try to confirm you on the next available flight.

If you provided your contact information during check-in, you will receive an email or text message regarding your updated itinerary. You can also check your itinerary at:


If your Icelandair flight has been delayed by 5 hours or longer and you wish not to travel, you can cancel your booking and claim for a refund of your unused ticket, including onward and return flights provided, if the flights are booked under the same ticket number.

Submit your reimbursement.

Missed connections

If you've booked a connecting flight with us under one reservation number and you miss your connection because your first flight is delayed, we'll do our upmost to transfer you to our next available flight to your final destination. You'll also be entitled to food and overnight accommodation, if needed.

Your right to care

When severe delays occur, Icelandair may provide you with food and drink in reasonable relation to your waiting time, as well as two telephone calls. If you are at the airport we advise you to contact our handling agents to receive meal vouchers. If a meal voucher is not provided, despite your request for one, please keep your receipts for reasonable meal expenses and submit them for reimbursement through the respective contact form.