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DesignMarch 2021

A celebration of creativity in Reykjavík: May 19-23

DesignMarch in May

Yes, Iceland's largest design festival is called DesignMarch, but this year it will be staged for 5 days in May across a number of Reykjavík neighborhoods, from the city center to Grandi harbor and the Gróska university area.

Bringing joy

Now in its 12th year, DesignMarch's mission is to celebrate creativity and innovation. Its exhibitions and events reflect a wide range of design disciplines, including architecture, ceramics, fashion and jewelry, furniture and interiors, textiles, graphic design, product and industrial design, and experience design.

In the words of Þórey Einarsdóttir, the festival director, "DesignMarch is a harbinger of optimism, innovation and new ways. The festival will continue to use its power to bring inspiration and joy along with highlighting the simmering creative power of the local design community in Iceland."

Icelandair is proud to be a sponsor of DesignMarch, as part of our commitment to bring the spirit of Iceland to the world. We are excited to nurture and showcase local talent. Read more about Iceland's simmering creativity and the program for DesignMarch 2021 on the DesignMarch website.

Take off to sustainability

What do you do when two airlines merge and you all of a sudden have a bunch of silk scarves to play with? You contact the right designers, of course.

When Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect merged under the Icelandair brand, beautiful silk scarves by designer Steinunn Siguðardóttir needed a new purpose. So, we spoke to our partners at DesignMarch and asked them how we could do just that.

From scarves to sleep masks

Since DesignMarch 2021 centers on sustainability, they were quick to suggest the team Flokk till you Drop – a collective that puts consumerism and waste in the spotlight, and finds new ways to repurpose disused items. They got to work, and before we knew it, our scarves had morphed into silk sleep masks.

Why sleep masks, you might ask? Well, when you live in Iceland, you know that May and June are the brightest months, and sometimes we need a little help to avoid the midnight sun. And, bonus: sleep masks are great on planes, too.

These scarf-based sleep-masks are just one of the ways we’re contributing to a more sustainable travel industry. Living on an island, we know that’s a challenge, but every little bit matters. This take-off is just one of many sustainability initiatives we’re passionate about.