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A wide variety of natural wonders

Every corner of Iceland has it's own unique natural and cultural attractions, why not move beyond the south-west?

Explore the waterfalls and glacial lagoons of the south, the steep peaks and rich bird life of the Westfjords, or the elegant rock formations and the stark beauty of the valleys of the east.

Have a look at our domestic destinations to see which adventures appeal most to you.

Our domestic destinations - outside Reykjavik


North Iceland: Akureyri

Experience the beauty of Eyjafjörður, Siglufjörður, Ásbyrgi and Mývatn.


East Iceland: Egilsstaðir

Visit the eastern fjords, for the lovely little towns and the beautiful hiking trails.


Westfjords: Ísafjörður

Take in the region's awe-inspiring mountain ranges, black sand beaches and waterfalls.

Domestic flights

The Reykjavik domestic airport is a small and check-in and boarding is usually quick and efficient.

You need to be at the airport 45 minutes before departure.

Domestic flights are typically less than an hour long.