Pingdom Check

Saga Club members earn points for all Icelandair flights, all onboard sales (from the Saga Shop Collection and the Saga Shop Kitchen), and with our partner companies around the world.

Our partners include airlines (Air Iceland Connect, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue and Finnair), hotels and car-rental companies, and members can earn points when you book tours and activities.

Saga Points for Your Icelandair Flight

The point is getting you there, and now it’s easier than ever!

Icelandair Saga Club members earn both Saga Points and Card Points for all scheduled Icelandair flights.

Saga Silver members get 10% bonus on the Card Points, and Saga Gold members get 20% bonus on the Card Points.

Points accrued on Icelandair flights:

Economy LightEconomy StandardEconomy FlexSaga PremiumSaga Premium Flex
Between Iceland and North America 1200 2400 3600 4800 7200
Between Iceland and Europe 850 1700 2550 3400 5100

Remember to register your Saga Club number when you book to receive your Saga Points!

Points are registered to the member’s account within 48 hours of the flight’s completion.