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Use your Saga Points as payment

Saga Club members have more flexibility in their Points usage with Points and payment. Members can use any amount of Points, for the whole airfare including taxes and fees or for a part of the airfare. A great add on is that members also earn Saga Points while using them to pay for their airfare.

The only thing you have to do is tick the box "I want to use my Saga Points" in our booking engine after you have chosen your destination and flight dates.

If you are not a Saga Club member you can sign up here and start enjoying today. 

How Points and payment works

  • Any amount of Points: You can use any amount of Points for your flight booking. 
  • Pay the entire airfare: You can use your Points to pay for your entire airfare, as well as fuel and taxes.
  • Earn Points while using them: You still earn Points for your journey, even when using your Points. It's a win-win.
  • Any flight, any seat, any time! Your Points can be used for all scheduled Icelandair flights. There's no Point in delaying!

Please note that members are unable to use their Saga Points to pay for interline flights, extra luggage, cancellation, insurance, seat reservations or ticket change, but is payable with other payment methods.

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