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Redeem points

Time to use all those Award Points you've earned? Find out how many points you need for flights, hotels, and all purchases on board. 

Use your Saga Points for flights with Icelandair

There are two ways to book a flight for Saga Points, either with the Points and Pay option in the regular booking engine or by booking an award flight through our Service Center.

Points and Pay:

  • Use Saga Points as a paying method
  • Use the amount of points you wish
  • Pay for a part of the airfare or for the whole fare
  • Pay taxes and fees with points
  • Earn points while using points
  • Choose any flight, any seat, any time

Award flights:

  • Book a flight for Saga Points if you have enough Points for the whole airfare (see calculator here above)
  • Taxes and fees paid with money
  • Book in time and get the best value

Book an Award Flight by contacting our Service Center. Once your flight has been booked, we will send you an e-ticket to your email address, a 500 ISK booking fee applies.

Terms and Conditions for Award flights 

Need more Saga Points? 
You can purchase up to 100,000 Saga Points per calendar year. Maximum 50,000 Saga points can be bought in one transaction. Please allow 24 hours for the points to post to your account. A transaction fee is collected for each transaction. You can purchase more Saga Points in your Saga Club account.

Book Award flight with Air Iceland Connect using your Saga Points

You can book an Award flight with Air Iceland Connect, and choose Saga Club under Fare. Remember to register your Saga Club Number when you book.

Saga Points required for a one-way flight with Air Iceland Connect (note: round-trip is double the one-way fare):

Domestic* 17,000 14,000
Domestic via Akureyri** 26,250 21,000
Domestic from Akureyri*** 14,000

* Reykjavik - Akureyri / Egilsstadir / Isafjordur
** Reykjavik - Vopnafjordur / Grimsey / Thorshofn via Akureyri
*** Akureyri - Vopnafjordur / Grimsey / Thorshofn

Children's discount is 25% for children aged 2 to 15 years old, and 90% for infants aged 0 to 2 years old.

  • You can also book an Award flight by calling Air Iceland: + 354-570 3030.
  • No service charge on online bookings but ISK 3600 per person if booked by calling Air Iceland.  
  • Airport taxes and fuel charge are added to all Award tickets.
  • Seats are subject to availability.
  • For more information about Air Iceland visit

Alaska Airlines

Enjoy your Saga Points on Alaska Airlines

Icelandair Saga Club members can book an Award flight on Alaska Airlines using their Saga Points. Alaska Mileage Plan members can as well use their miles for an Award flight on Icelandair. They book such an Award flight on Alaska Airlines web page or via their member service.

To book an Award flight on Alaska Airlines, Saga Club members call the Icelandair customer service 1-800-223-5500 prompt 1.

Flight route Economy W-Class First A-Class
Within USA and to Canada 30.000 Saga Points 60.000 Saga Point
To Hawaii, Mexico, and Costa Rica 60.000 Saga Points 120.000 Saga Points
  • The Flight route is based on segments. Example, if a member flies ORD-PDX-OGG on economy class, there will be a separate calculation made for ORD-PDX which costs 30.000 Saga Points and for PDX-OGG which costs 60.000 Saga Points or total cost of 90.000 Saga Points. Number of points is based on return flights
  • More information about Alaska Airlines
  • First Class is Business Class on Alaska Airlines
  • Members pay airport taxes
  • No discount for children
  • Book one way or a return ticket
  • Book on either Economy or First Class
  • No change fee for First Class tickets. For Economy Class tickets the change fee is IKR. 10.000 or 12.000 Saga Points
  • Full refund of the Saga Points if a First Class ticket is canceled. No Saga Points refund if an Economy Class ticket is canceled.


Icelandair Saga Club members earn Saga Points for Finnair flights according to below points table. Saga Club members do not earn Card Points for Finnair flights.

Remember to register your Saga Club Number when you book 

Saga Club members can request retroactive registration of points within 12 months of flight activity date here. You can also send a request to A copy of your flight ticket needs to accompany such request. It can take up to 30 days until the points are registered to your Saga Club account. Finnair Plus members who wish to have their points registered in Finnair Plus Program need to contact Finnair Member Service.

Saga Club Accual on Finnair:

Saga Club Accural on Finnair:Discounted Economy ClassEconomy ClassBusiness Class
  K,M,P,T,V,L,N,S,Q,O Y,B,H C,D,I,J
Within Finland 375 750  
From Finland and East Europe 375 750 1125*
Europe A 750 1500 2250
Europe B 850 1700 2550
India 3250 6500 9750
America, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Japan, Hong Kong, Bankok 3750 7500 11250

*Not available on flights between Helsinki and Tallin


Following booking classes / fares are invalid for points accrual on Finnair Z,R,A,W,G,X,U,F . 

Remember to register your Saga Club Number when you book! 

Icelandair and Finnair have a Code Share agreement on two Finnair routes:

These flights have both Icelandair and Finnair flight numbers. Same accrual applies as for above Finnair routes.

Icelandair Saga Club Code Share points table:

Icelandair and Finnair have a Code Share agreement on two Finnair routes:Special OfferEconFlexComfortSaga
Within Scandinavia 600 600 960 1.320 1.800

Routemap Finnair.

Helsinki – Oslo
Helsinki – Stockholm

The agreement implies that these Finnair operating flights will have both Icelandair and Finnair flight numbers. Saga Club members earn Saga points on these Code Share routes according to Icelandair Saga Club points table if the ticket has FI flight number. If the ticket has AY flight number they earn points according to Saga Club accrual on Finnair flights.

Further more Finnair and Icelandair also have a Code Share agreement on three Icelandair routes:

Helsinki -  Keflavik
Stockholm -  Keflavik
Oslo – Keflavik


Upgrade for Saga Points

When flying with Icelandair, members of Icelandair Saga Club have the option of upgrading their seat and service on certain travel classes using their Saga Points. Economy Class Passengers travelling on FLEX fares can upgrade to Economy Comfort and Economy Comfort passengers can upgrade to Saga Class.

When members upgrade for Saga Points they are upgrading the service and seat and receive all service benefits available to on their upgraded travel class. However, members earn Saga Points according to paid fare. It is possible to apply for an upgrade on parts of flights, for example one way only. No child discount is on upgrade with points. No points are collected for an infant booked without a seat.

Three steps to an easy Saga Points upgrade

  • 1. Book your Economy Flex og Economy Comfort flight.
  • 2. Make sure you have enough Saga Points for an upgrade
  • 3. Call the Icelandair Service Center and request a Saga Points upgrade


For your information

  • Award tickets cannot be upgraded for Saga Points.
  • Upgrades are subject to availability.
  • Upgrades for Economy Class Special, Economy Class and Economy Comfort Special are not allowed
  • Upgrades are always made to the next travel class above the paid fare. An upgrade from Economy Class Flex to Saga Class is thus not possible
  • No child discount is on upgrade with points.
  • Upgrades cannot be arranged at check-in.
  • Upgrades cannot be converted back to points.
  • Service charge on Icelandair Awards is ISK 3.600 per adult.

Enjoy shopping on board, using your Saga Points

A great way for you to spend your Saga Points is to use them to shop on board. All products from the Saga Shop Collection and Saga Shop Kitchen are available for Points, and we have some exclusive offers lined up for you as well. 

Just make sure you have enough Points and your Saga Card with you on your next flight with Icelandair. 
You can easily explore the Saga Shop collection at our Saga Shop website and order items for delivery on board. If you do not have a Saga Card you can easily purchase a new one online for 500 ISK, approximately US$4/3.

Using Saga Points is as easy as 1, 2, 3 

  1. Inform the Cabin Crew that you wish to use points.
  2. Hand your Saga Card and Credit Card or Debit Card (in case points status is not sufficient) to Cabin Crew.
  3. Ensure you have enough Points for the whole transaction otherwise your Credit Card is charged.

- Keep in mind that refunds or change of payment method after the flight is not possible.

Terms and conditions:

  • Members need to present their Saga Card and credit card or debit card when paying with Points on board.
  • The cabin crew is not able to check the balance on your Saga Club account. Therefore we will need your credit card to grant your purchase. If your Saga Club account does not have sufficient number of points to complete your purchase, we will charge your credit card instead.
  • It is the members own responsibility to have enough Saga Points.
  • It is not possible to combine Points with cash or credit in the same transaction. Members need to have enough Points for the whole transaction, otherwise Credit Card is debited.
  • Terms and Conditions of Saga Shop Collection and Saga Shop Kitchen apply for all purchases made with Saga Points.
  • No refunds or change of payment method after the flight is possible.
  • Members have to have enough Points for the transaction before flight is flown.
  • Members do not earn Points when paying with Points in Saga Shop Collection or Saga Shop Kitchen.
  • The name on the Saga Card and Credit Card has to be the same.
  • When returning products bought for points we convert them back into Points not money.
  • On the receipt members receive for their purchase the payment method is clearly stated. 

Gift Certificates

Don't know what to do with your points, you can buy a gift certificate to use as payment for your flight or make someone special happy.

Buy Saga Club Gift Certificates

Buy, give or share Saga Points

You can buy Saga Points for your own account, Saga Points as a gift or share your Saga Points with friends and family. 

  • Service fee is added to all transactions 
  • No limitation of number of transactions. 
  • Please allow 24 hours for the Saga Points to post the recipient's account 

Buy Saga Points for yourself 

Purchase up to 100,000 Saga Points per member, per calendar year. A maximum of 50,000 Saga Points can be bought in one transaction. Now if you´re close to reaching an award, all you need to do is buy the remaining Saga Points you need!

Buy Saga Points for someone else 

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend or a family member? Purchase up to 100,000 Saga Points per member, per calendar year. A maximum of 50,000 Saga Points can be bought in one transaction. Give the gift of travel to those who matter the most to you or reward those who most deserve it. 

Share your Saga Points with friends and family 

Now you can share your points with family and friends! Each member can transfer up to 150,000 Saga Points per calendar year to other members. Maximum 100.000 Saga Points in one transaction. 

Do more with your Saga Points at 

At, you can redeem your Saga Points for gift certificates from major retailers like Amazon. Or, add to your Saga Points balance by transferring miles/points from other award programs into your Saga Club account! 

Special Children Travel Fund

The Icelandair Travel Fund for Special Children is a combined effort by Icelandair and it's passengers to help chronically ill and disadvantaged children realise their dream journeys.

The main objective of the Icelandair Special Children Travel fund is to help children suffering from long-term illness or other difficult circumstances to see something of the world. We estimate each year the Icelandair Travel Fund will enable 200 people every year, from all over the world, to go on their "dream journey".Said Sigurdur Helgason, former President and CEO of Icelandair: "Whether it is Disney World Florida or the Tivoli in Copenhagen these trips give families memories that are cherished. 

This Fund gives us at Icelandair and our customers a chance to make a difference in these children's lives. It is important that the whole family is able to travel together and that all expences are covered by the Icelandair Travel Fund."


To donate your Award Points you must log in on the right hand sidebar. Under Your Account click on Donate Points and fill out how many points you would like to donate.

Learn more about The Special Children Travel Fund

All information regarding the Special Children Fund is to be found on the Special Children Travel Fund Homepage, where you can also find interesting travel stories from special children's dream journeys.


Hertz Car Rental for Points

Europe and USA

Icelandair Saga Club members can rent a car for their Icelandair Saga Points in USA and Europe, excluding Iceland. In Europe the minimum rental period is three days, there is no minimum rental period in the USA.

ClassSaga Points
Class A 20.000 per day
Class B 25.000 per day
Class C 30.000 per day
Included is unlimited km and tax. 
Insurances and petrol not included. 

To book a rental car with Hertz, please call: 

Telephone numbers - Service Center: 

USA and Canada: 1-800-223-5500 prompt 2 
United Kingdom: +44 (0) 84 4811 1190 
Denmark: +45 33 70 22 00 
Norway: +47 22 03 40 50 
Sweden: +46 (0) 8 690 9800 
Finland: + 358-(0)9-5862244 
Germany: +49 (0) 69 29 99 78 
Holland: - + 31 (0) 20 521 39 55 (Kies optie 1 voor reserveringen) 
France: - + 33 (0)1 44 51 60 51 

  • Service charge is ISK 3600 per booking
  • Minimum age for rental is 25 years
  • Hertz in Europe requires a minimum of three day rental when booking for Saga Points (outside of Iceland)
  • No minimum for rentals in the United States
  • Included is unlimited milage, taxes and deductible fee
  • After your bookings has been confirmed the Saga Points will not be refunded
  • The booking needs to be confirmed with a credit card and expiry date, nothing will be deducted from the card, it is only an insurance. More information about Hertz

Book a hotel on with your Saga Points

Icelandair Saga Club members can book a hotel stay with their Saga Points on To be able to book on with your Saga Points there are three easy steps: 

  1. Members push the button here below "Book here", where they sign into their Saga Club account and choose 
  2. Members are forwarded to a page that allows them to install the browser plugin. Further installation instructions are on that page.
  3. After installing the plugin the page will reload and an orange button appears. Members will press the button and be redirect to where they can book prepaid hotels for their Saga Points.

Book here