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In-flight Entertainment System

Never get bored, on board!

We have 39,539 minutes of entertainment on board! From the latest movie releases to the largest collection of Icelandic music, you will be entertained from take-off to landing.

On all our flights we offer:

  • Personal in-flight entertainment centers
  • Multi-channel stereo music
  • A selection of newspapers and magazines e.g. Saga Shop Collection magazine
  • Icelandair Stopover in-flight magazine
  • Headphones (if you haven't got your own) can be purchased on board for €8 or 900 ISK

    The Heat

    The Heat

    The Journey Home

    Árneshreppur is the remotest community in north of Iceland. 37 people live there now. T...

    The Fruitful Farm

    The Fruitful Farm tells the inspiring story of Árni, a young chef who follows his dream...

    Músasaga / Life on the Run

    A documentary film of great charm from Iceland following the adventures of „Oscar“ the ...

    Lobster Soup Included

    Comedian Þorsteinn Guðmundsson travels to a small island in the North of Iceland to do ...

    Heild / Totality

    The first Icelandic full feature, non-narrative film focuses on Icelandic nature and cu...

    Fjallabræður í Abbey Road

    The Icelandic men´s choir Fjallabræður (Mountainbrothers) recorded one of the best sell...

    How To Train Your Dragon

    Hiccup, a young Viking, defies tradition and befriends his deadliest foe – a ferocious ...


    Horizon is a documentary about the late Icelandic painter Georg Gudni Hauksson, whose i...