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COVID-19 entry requirements & arrival forms

Due to the fast-changing nature of travel restrictions, we recommend confirming the latest entry requirements for your destination, including forms for arriving passengers to fill in.

See our pages below with links to guidelines for all our destinations, including details of arrival forms, testing and quarantine procedures (where applicable). You will also find links to official government websites where you can double-check relevant information.

We would like to remind you that at this moment, most countries that Icelandair flies to require passengers to present negative COVID-test results before their journey, often including transit passengers. The test results must be recent, taken within the last 72 or 24 hours, depending on the rules of each country. Furthermore, only a physical copy of a certificate is valid. Many countries also require a legitimate purpose for the travel, such as residency, employment or family. More information can be found in the links below.

We endeavor to keep our information up to date, but things can move fast. 

We remind travelers that it is their responsibility to ensure they have the relevant documents and meet the entry requirements for their destination.

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Useful links

A good source of information for travel restrictions and entry requirements is IATA's Travel Regulations Map. 

IATA Travel Regulations Map

See also our ready to fly checklist.