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Electronic tickets

Who needs paper? Electronic tickets are all you need for your next Icelandair journey.

When you book your flight online or over the phone with one of our reservations agents, your ticket is no longer printed on paper. Instead, it is stored in our reservation system as an electronic ticket or e-ticket.

To confirm your reservation, we send you a receipt with an itinerary via email. You can then print out your receipt and carry it with you as a confirmation of your reservation.

Why e-ticket?

An e-ticket can not be forgotten, misplaced or stolen. When you book your flight, simply provide any form of ID – a credit card number, Icelandair Saga Club number, Saga Silver or Saga Gold Frequent Flyer card number – and the ticket is saved in our check-in system.

The form of ID is only required when you make a reservation online and is not necessary for check-in purposes. If you wish, all passengers in your booking can use the same credit card or Frequent Flyer card as their e-ticket form of ID (for example, children traveling with adults).

If you are departing from North America or Europe, all you need for check-in is your passport, plus the Icelandair e-ticket confirmation that you received via email when you purchased your ticket.

Please note:

You must always show a printed proof of itinerary when travelling to the United States. We recommend that you also carry a printed receipt of your e-ticket with you when travelling to Iceland or to the United States.