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From $1,055 - A new hot springs experience not to be missed!

Iceland's hot springs and lagoons are in the top 5 of most popular attractions for visitors to the Land of Fire & Ice. With this country's boundless geothermal energy, a new venue has opened, and this 3-night vacation has you covered!

Escape to the serenity of Hvammsvík Hot Springs on the included half-day tour. Leave the city behind for a few hours of pure natural beauty and secluded relaxation in geothermal waters renowned for their therapeutic properties. Slip into the warm, mineral-rich waters and let your cares melt away soaking in the hot springs, surrounded by the stunning Icelandic landscape. After a day of pure relaxation, you'll head back to Reykjavík feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Towel, swimwear and/or wading shoes rentals available on site.

On the included South Shore Adventure, you'll experience one of the country’s most scenic regions, full of farmland, beautiful bird cliffs and the charming village of Vík.

This tour will fill you with unique memories, and plenty of your camera’s memory, too! Stand behind a plummeting waterfall at Seljalandsfoss. Walk along the black sand beaches of Vík. Gaze at the Reynisdrangar natural stone formations and even – weather permitting - stroll up to touch the leading edge of a glacier. If you’ve seen ‘Thor: The Dark World’ or ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’, you may recognize the waterfall Skógafoss, one of the stops on this exciting trek as you drive through the landscape of "Njal's Saga", Iceland's national epic.

Last but certainly not least you'll experience the fascinating Lava Show at its newest location in downtown Reykjavík for a unique opportunity to get close to red-hot lava. At a temperature of 2000°F, the molten lava is poured into a showroom and over ice, creating an epic battle between the elements. See it flowing, hear it sizzling, and feel the intense heat that radiates from it's brilliant glow!

Does three days not feel like enough? Extend your vacation at the time of booking to stay in Iceland up to 30 nights! Explore more of Reykjavík, or escape the buzzy metropolis (OK, it’s not that big a city) to check out Iceland’s breath-taking nature with our numerous tour options. From horseback-riding on Iceland’s famous horse to stunning glacial lagoons, we look forward to welcoming you to our home!

Included in this package

To Reykjavík, Iceland

Economy Standard
Upgrade available for purchase
1 checked in bag (50 lbs) per person
1 carry-on bag (22 lbs) per person
Advance seat assignment selection

Three nights (minimum)

Standard double or twin room
Upgrade available for purchase
Choose your hotel and room type
Breakfast included
Convenient and centrally-located options

Hvammsvík Hot Springs with transfers

Duration: 4.5 hours (approx.)
Minimum age: Ten (10) years
Admission including public changing facilities and private showers
Unlimited access to eight hot springs, steam room, and beaches

South Shore Adventure

Duration: 10.5 hours (approx.)
Minimum age: One (1) year
Professional local guidance
Free Wi-Fi on board

Lava Show

Duration: approx. 50 minutes
Minimum age: 5 years
Goggles for protection provided to all guests
Each show led by an expert Lava Master

Taxes & fees

All taxes, fees and fuel surcharges

Saga Points

Earn 4,800 Saga Points on round-trip flights included in all Icelandair Holidays vacation packages
Day 1Now boarding to Iceland!

Take your seat for our overnight Icelandair flight to our hub at Keflavík International Airport. Familiarize yourself with Icelandic music, television and film throughout the duration with the seatback in-flight entertainment system - available to all passengers!

Day 2Welcome to Iceland!

Book your FlyBus Airport Transfers in advance for the transfer to your Reykjavik hotel. Normal check-in times are in the afternoon, so if your room is not ready you, most properties should be able to store luggage with the front desk.

Today is free for plans of your own, and could be the ideal time to head to the Grandi neighborhood on Reykjavík's downtown harborfront to see the Lava Show! This unique 50-minute experience recreates a volcanic eruption by superheating real lava and pouring it into what is very much a SHOW-room! This, the only live lava show in the world, is a highly engaging experience that has received multiple awards on entertainment and innovation, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to get up close to real molten lava, see it flowing, hear it sizzling, and feel the incredible heat that emanates from it.

Day 3Time for a South Shore Adventure!

Today you'll explore black sand beaches, stand behind thundering waterfalls, and get close to glaciers! Remember to dress according to weather with warm clothes, a waterproof jacket, and sturdy shoes. It's recommend to bring thermal layers, a winter hat, scarf, gloves, and wearing warm socks for colder days.

Day 4 (note: you can extend your trip!)Relaxation is calling at Hvammsvík Hot Springs!

After a quick 45-minute ride from Reykjavík, you're promised a unique and authentic experience in unspoiled nature away from the crowds as you linger in eight natural hot springs that glide into the ocean surrounded by majestic mountains and black beaches.

Your final dayWe'll see you again soon!

Bidding farewell to Iceland and vacation in general is never fun, but today it's time to head home on your Icelandair flight from Keflavík Airport. We hope you can join us again in the future with Icelandair Holidays!


fromUSD 1,055 Per person, based on 2 adults
Tour operator / Authorised by the Icelandic Tourist Board