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07/29/2020 | 12:00 PM

Hot-air ballooning over South Iceland

If you happened to be in South Iceland during July 2020, you might have seen an unexpected sight: a candy-striped hot-air balloon gliding photogenically above the countryside.

The balloon was brought to Iceland by German company H2 Ballooning, with support from Icelandair Cargo, to participate in the annual ‘Allt sem flýgur' (Everything that flies) flight festival in Iceland.

This summertime event is organized by the Icelandic Aeronautical Association and held in the town of Hella in South Iceland. The event typically shows off all kinds of flying wonders, like planes and drones. And in this case, it even included a hot-air balloon experience.

a red and white striped hot air balloon flying over the leafy green Icelandic landscape next to a body of water

The balloon’s pilot, Dominik Haggeney, has 33 years of piloting experience, and he took delighted passengers on hot-air balloon tours that ranged from river crossings to midnight sun viewing, with views over peaks including Hekla, Tindfjöll and Eyjafjallajökull.

During the festival, brilliant photos were captured of the hot-air balloon rides, which you can see more of below. All photos by Matthías Sveinbjörnsson.

Aerial sightseeing in Iceland

Hot-air ballooning is not regularly offered in Iceland (such an activity requires a stable air mass, which is something Iceland lacks!). However, there are many other experiences to take advantage of in South Iceland.

Why not take to the skies with a Geothermal Helicopter tour? On this helicopter ride, you’ll fly over the Hellisheiði plateau – one of the most active geothermal areas in Iceland.

If you’d rather sightsee on land, our South Coast Getaway package lets you enjoy some of the epic scenery from the hot-air balloon ride, including views of the mighty Hekla and Eyjafjallajökull volcanos, beautiful beaches, and much more! Plus, with flights, transfers, and accommodation included, planning your vacation is made that extra bit easier.

And if you want the best of both worlds, visit FlyOver Iceland in Reykjavík: this virtual flight ride takes you on a magical tour over Iceland's most spectacular landscapes.

Hot-air ballooning – photos from the ground

a red and white striped hot air balloon floating above a lush green landscape in Iceland

a red and white striped hot air balloon flying over a body of water in South Iceland

a red and white hot air balloon pictured flying over the South Iceland landscape at golden hour

Hot-air ballooning – bird's-eye views

a view from within the hot air balloon looking out over the clouds and fertile land beneath

an aerial view of the landscape from the hot air balloon, with views from above the clouds and beneath to the land below

a view from within the basket, with a partial view of the basket and views looking down to the farmers fields below