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03/22/2018 | 12:00 AM

We Bring Icelandic Music to the World

We love music. Our support to our local, Icelandic music scene involves helping local artists travel abroad. We also created a venue in Iceland - the Iceland Airwaves music festival - where music enthusiasts from all over the world can come to Iceland and hear the best our scene has to offer.

We sponsor Icelandic Music Experiments and partake in the Iceland Travel Fund Reykjavík Loftbrú.

Iceland Airwaves

Icelandair founded the Iceland Airwaves music festival in 1999 and is the festival's main sponsor. When it first started, Iceland Airwaves focused on promoting Icelandic artists to international record companies. Since its early days, the festival has grown and matured, and is now a much-anticipated event on Reykjavík's social calendar. More than 150 artists perform around Reykjavík and Akureyri, and it's clear that all the work people have poured into the festival is paying off. As a result, many Icelandic artists have gained an international following.

The Icelandic music experiments

Every year, we're proud to support young musicians that participate in the Icelandic Music Experiments. The Experiments are a venue where up-and-coming bands and solo acts get the chance to share their music in public for the first time.

We give the winners a slot at the Iceland Airwaves festival so they can play their art for an international audience.

Iceland travel fund

Icelandair supports Icelandic artists who want to perform in other countries and we collaborate with the City of Reykjavík and local music veterans in the Reykjavík Loftbrú programme.