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03/22/2018 | 12:00 AM

We bring Icelandic music to the world

At Icelandair, we love music. Our support of the Icelandic music scene involves helping local artists travel abroad. We also created an event in Iceland – the Iceland Airwaves music festival – where music enthusiasts from all over the world can come to Iceland and hear the very best our scene has to offer. In addition, we sponsor Icelandic Music Experiments to help young musicians find new audiences.

Iceland Airwaves

Icelandair founded the Iceland Airwaves music festival in 1999 and is the festival's main sponsor. When it first started, the event focused on promoting Icelandic artists to international record companies.

Since its humble debut over 20 years ago, Iceland Airwaves has not only become the leading music festival in Iceland, it's also established itself as a champion of new music and a significant event on the global music stage. It’s been covered in all the major international music press including Rolling Stone, Kerrang!, MOJO and NME and has been described as “the biggest party in the Northern Hemisphere.” 

It's a much-anticipated event on Reykjavík's social calendar each November. Come join the party – we have great travel packages available (including festival pass, flights and accommodation).  

Icelandic Music Experiments

Every year, we're proud to offer young and talented musicians an opportunity to shine through Icelandic Music Experiments (IME, called Músíktilraunir in Icelandic). IME is an event where young people aged 13 to 25 make their musical debut and get their first chance to step into the limelight and play their music. Past winners have gone on to enjoy great success, including on the global stage. 

Take a listen to some of the previous participants of IME.