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09/25/2014 | 12:00 PM

Surprise Icelandair Stopover for stunned passenger

Icelandair today released a short video of a passenger getting the thrill of her life as she was treated to a surprise, 48-hour Stopover in Iceland. The two-minute video shows her arriving at Keflavik Airport for what she thinks is a short connection on the way to her final destination.

Instead, she is greeted with the most unbelievable welcome by a host of Icelanders ready to show her everything that the country has to offer. Shocked and excited, she is then whisked off on her own personalized itinerary.

The footage features Kat, a photographer from Seattle who is traveling to London, as she embarks on her own surprise journey around Iceland reconnecting with her love of food. Once she recovers from the initial shock of her welcome, Kat is taken on a gastronomical journey. From cooking organic lamb and rye bread in a geothermal hot spring, to picking wild crowberries and brambleberries, to relaxing in a secret geothermal lagoon, Kat has the time of her life.

During her adventure, Kat comments that her experience in Iceland has not only ‘changed’ her, but also provided the chance to reflect on what’s important, “which is being open and enjoying opportunities as they’re presented to you.”

The release of the video highlights the unique Icelandair Stopover, which, since the 1960s, has given transatlantic passengers the opportunity to explore a new destination as part of their trip, for up to seven nights at no additional airfare.