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09/01/2023 | 8:00 AM

'Unique Iceland' videos on board

Updated: December 12, 2023

Our in-flight entertainment includes a video series called 'Unique Iceland', in which Icelandair staff present some of their favorite things to see and do (and taste, and buy) in Iceland, and shine a spotlight on what makes our home so special.

As Iceland’s leading airline, we love to entertain and inform you about the wonders of Iceland, and how to make the most of your visit. For our video series we work with high-profile partners to showcase some of Iceland's best shopping and design, activities and experiences, health and wellness, and flavors.

If you can't wait until your next flight, check out our videos below (you can also watch them on Icelandair's YouTube channel, along with other videos we've made).

Unique Iceland: shopping and design

Our partners in Icelandic shopping and design

First-rate Nordic design, iconic knitwear, and clothing and outdoor gear designed to protect us from the elements while also staying stylish: shopping in Iceland is a treat, and we have some great souvenir ideas for you.

Handknitting Association of Iceland: the perfect place to shop for Iceland's coziest souvenirs, the iconic lopapeysa woolen sweater.

66° North: one of Iceland's best-known brands, 'keeping Iceland warm since 1926'.

Reykjavík Art Museum: find art in 3 locations in the capital, together with excellent museum giftshops.

Farmers Market: an Icelandic clothing label that beautifully fuses heritage with modernity.

Icelandic Coupons: an app that helps you find affordable deals when dining, drinking and shopping.

Blue Lagoon: more than just a unique bathing experience, Blue Lagoon has a great range of skincare.

JS Watch Company: the first and only Icelandic watch manufacturer – and 'probably the world's smallest watchmaker'.

Icewear: a well-known producer of wool products, souvenirs and outdoor gear.

Kiosk Grandi: home to the best and the brightest of Icelandic fashion design.

Unique Iceland: activities and experiences

Our partners in Icelandic activities and experiences

There are so many ways to experience Iceland's natural wonders, from mild to wild. And staying in the capital doesn't mean only city experiences – it's easy to combine city and countryside.

Reykjavík Excursions: check the website for a huge range of tours and activities in the capital region and around the country.

FlyOver Iceland: a thrillingly unique experience, offering a 'flying ride' over the incredible landscapes of Iceland.

Special Tours: as the name suggests, it offers something special in the form of whale-watching boat tours, plus northern lights tours too. Iceland might not be a place you associate with diving and snorkeling, but this company will change your mind! Where else can you dive between tectonic plates?

Blue Lagoon: a truly memorable experience, soaking in Blue Lagoon's ethereal waters.

Perlan: the perfect place to get to know the wonders of Iceland, with family-friendly exhibitions, viewing platforms, a planetarium and lots more.

Lava Show: feel the heat at this exhibition dedicated to Iceland's geology, found in scenic Vík on the south coast.

True Adventure: get your heart racing on a tandem paragliding flight over some exceptional scenery in Vík.

Zipline: more Vík adrenaline, with 4 zipline rides over a canyon.

Sky Lagoon: a stunning new bathing experience close to Reykjavík city center.

Sleipnir Tours: take a tour to (and on) Langjökull glacier aboard a monster truck! The tour begins at Gullfoss waterfall.

Icewear: be warm, be well with the right gear for outdoor adventures.

Aurora Reykjavík: see northern lights all year round in the center dedicated to the aurora borealis, everyone's favorite light show.

Hótel Geysir: stay overnight while you explore the Golden Circle, in a hotel with a geothermal wonder at its doorstep.

Your Friend in Reykjavík: let a local guide show you some unique sides of the capital, exploring popular themes such as folklore and food – and some quirky options too (like the story of cats in Reykjavík!).

National Museum of Iceland: with a permanent exhibition titled 'Making of a Nation', the museum gives invaluable context to your Iceland adventures.

Unique Iceland: health and wellness

Our partners in Icelandic health and wellness

You know we love our geothermal bathing in Iceland! And we put our unique, pure water to good use all over the country, with out-of-this-world bathing experiences and superb skincare products made from natural local ingredients.

Blue Lagoon: bathe in blue waters amid a lava field – a quintessential Iceland experience.

Sky Lagoon: more exquisite bathing with a view.

Laugar Spa: a spa offering the gamut of pools, saunas, steambaths, body treatments, and massage.

Mývatn Nature Baths: you could plot an itinerary that stops at all the unique geothermal bathing lagoons in Iceland. Be sure to add this one in Mývatn in North Iceland...

Geosea: and this glorious one in Húsavík, also in North Iceland...

Forest Lagoon: and the newest link in the chain of pools, set amid trees in Akureyri, North Iceland...

VÖK Baths: and don't leave out the lake pools of this stylish spot in Egilsstaðir, East Iceland.

Sóley Organics: natural organic skincare made in Iceland from wild Icelandic herbs.

Unique Iceland: Taste of Iceland

Our partners in the taste of Iceland

Prepare yourself: Icelandic food is delicious! From classic street food (hot dogs!) to high-end dining experiences, your taste buds will enjoy the gastronomic tour (and can also be challenged, if you wish, by the likes of fermented shark).

We're especially proud of our fresh seafood, lamb, and dairy products. Our pure water is also being put to good use in craft beers and liquor.

Blue Lagoon: Moss restaurant offers food-with-a-view. And it's no ordinary food, but Michelin starred.

Icelandic Lamb: Icelandic sheep are not your average sheep: they graze freely in wild pastures over the summer months.

Arna: delicious dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, and the must-try Icelandic product, skyr.

Urta Islandica: makers of gourmet souvenirs. Unique products made from Icelandic herbs, including tea, herbal salt, jams and syrup.

Nói Síríus: of course you should try some Icelandic chocolate and candy when you're here. This company has been around since 1920, so you know it's doing something right!

Eimverk Distillery: Icelandic spirits from 100% local ingredients: single malt whisky, gin and brennivín. Visit the distillery, too.

Café Loki: the perfect downtown Reykjavík place to try traditional flavors, from weird to wonderful. book a table at the most in-demand places in town. Or just order in after a big day of sightseeing.

Messinn: fresh fish dishes with fine flavors in downtown Reykjavík.

Matarkjallarinn: sample cool cocktails and a great taste of Iceland at 'The Food Cellar' in downtown Reykjavík.

Brennivín: the original 'spirit of Iceland', since 1935. It's similar to Scandinavian akvavit, a distilled spirit flavored with caraway. Skál!

Ráðagerði: get cozy over delicious Italian food in a scenic pocket of Reykjavík.

Hovdenak Distillery: super local gin and vodka, plus some spirits-with-a-twist (cold-brew coffee liqueur, for example).

Monkeys Reykjavík: come for cocktails, an array of creative small courses, or weekend brunch.

Kol: a great option at dinnertime, with a selection of tasting menus. The Iceland menu shines a spotlight on local flavors.

Bastard Brew & Food: cheeky name, fun atmosphere, craft beers and cocktails, and tasty casual meals.

Lebowski Bar: a themed retro bar on the main street, serving up DJs, pub quizzes, diner meals, and a huge menu of White Russians!

Kastrup Reykjavík: a stylish spot, as befits a Scandinavian bistro and bar. Danish smørrebrød (open-face sandwiches) are a speciality.

Snaps: a sunny bistro in downtown Reykjavík specialising in classic French fare.

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