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Got baggage questions? We’ve got baggage answers.

Excess and odd-sized baggage

To guarantee the best deal, we recommend purchasing your excess baggage through Icelandair at the time of booking your flight. If you need to add baggage after you've booked you can do so in Manage booking at a discounted rate which won't be available at the airport. The earlier you book your additional baggage, the more you save.

Choose your departure point from the list below to see prices for additional baggage on Icelandair flights, if purchased at the airport.

Here are answers to questions we often receive

  • Fees for pre-purchased additional baggage are based on where you're flying from and your itinerary. To secure the lowest possible rate, we recommend booking directly through Icelandair and adding your baggage when you book your ticket. Don't worry if you need to add additional baggage after you've booked, you can still access a discounted price, compared to airport prices, when adding a bag in Manage booking. The table above reflects the price charged at the relevant airport.
  • Excess baggage fees are non-refundable.
  • If baggage exceeds the weight limitations of your baggage allowance, including additional baggage, a heavy fee will be charged at the airport

  • Additional baggage for connecting flights with other airlines must be purchased at the airport.
  • If you are traveling with a Stopover in Iceland, excess baggage cannot be booked online. We kindly ask you to contact our service center if you need to add excess baggage to your booking. The fee for excess baggage follows the pricing in the tables above.
  • Passengers can check up to 10 bags on all flights except for those to Greenland where the maximum is 1 additional checked bag. For the best deal, you can add up to 3 bags online at a discounted rate. If you need to add more than three pieces, the extra additional baggage can be arranged at the airport. If you need to travel with more than the maximum number of bags we recommend contacting Icelandair Cargo.
  • The maximum weight for checked baggage is 70 lbs (32 kg). The maximumcombined height + length + depth of the bag is 62 inches/158 cm. If you need to travel with a heavier or larger bag, we recommend contacting Icelandair Cargo.
  • See terms and conditions on Pre-purchased additional baggage.

Sports equipment

Musical instruments

The size and weight of a musical instrument will determine whether it can be carried on as hand baggage or whether it should be checked in.

Special baggage

Special rules apply to some types of baggage.