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Flight cancellation

Has your flight been cancelled?


If your Icelandair flight has been cancelled you can choose to travel with the next available flight under comparable transport conditions to your final destination, depending on seat availability. Please contact our handling agents at the airport for assistance or contact 1-800-223-5500 for assistance with booking your new flight.

If no contact is made by the passenger our automated systems will try to confirm you on the next available flight. If you provided contact information during check-in, you'll receive an email or text message regarding your updated itinerary. You can also check your itinerary at, at an airport kiosk or by speaking with an Icelandair representative.


If you wish not travel you can receive reimbursement for your ticket. You can claim for a full refund of your unused ticket, including onward and return flights provided they are booked under the same ticket number.

Missed connections

If you've booked a connecting flight with us under one reservation number and you miss your connection because your first flight is cancelled, we'll do our upmost to transfer you to our next available flight to your final destination. You'll also be entitled to food and overnight accommodation, if needed

Your right to care

If your flight has been cancelled you are eligible to food and drink while you wait for your new flight as well as two phone calls. If you are at the airport we advise you to contact our handling agents to receive meal vouchers. If a meal voucher is not provided, despite your request for one, please keep your receipts for reasonable meal expenses and submit them for reimbursement through this contact form. Icelandair considers reasonable meal expenses in relation to waiting time to be no more than:

  • A delay less than 6 hours – 18 EUR
  • A delay between 6 hours and 12 hours - 45 EUR
  • A delay between 12 and 24 hours - 90 EUR

If your new flight is the next day you are entitled to:

  • Accommodation ( where you are not able to return home)
  • Transport to and from the airport and place of accommodation

If our handling agents are unable to assist you in making these arrangements, we would kindly like to point out that only reasonably priced accommodation and transportation costs will be considered for reimbursement. Make sure to keep all your receipts for these out of pocket expenses and submit for reimbursement after your flight. Receipts or invoices for accommodation and transport must be dated and must be in passenger's name.

Icelandair considers 215 EUR to be a reasonable price for a double hotel room.

A Reasonable transportation cost is considered to be a train ticket, airport shuttle or gasoline expenses.