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Explore Icelandic Christmas traditions and discover characters from Icelandic winter folklore. Learn about the ferocious Christmas Cat and the 13 Santas of Iceland, whose mother Grýla is a troll that eats naughty children. (Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry, our guides will ensure the tour content is appropriate for the group in attendance.)

We will also explore the delicious food and drink that Icelanders consider Christmassy and sample some along our journey. With our Christmas Walking Tour of Reykjavik, you’ll get to visit some of the city’s hidden gems that are often overlooked by visitors. Our meeting point is in Fógetagarðurinn for this Christmas Walking Tour through downtown Reykjavik.

First, we admire the Ice skating rink, holiday decorations, and Christmas market stalls at Ingólfur Square. Then, we move on to take a look at the famous Oslo Christmas Tree at Austurvollur. While we walk, we will try to find some of the unique Icelandic Yulelads or Santa Clauses hiding around the Reykjavik city center.

We make a short visit to a book store to see unique Icelandic Christmas books and discover the love Icelanders have for books, especially during Christmas time. Then it’s up to Reykjavik’s main shopping street, Laugavegur, and there we check out the one and only Litla Jólabúðin (The Little Christmas Shop).

Finally, we walk up the beautiful Skólavörðustígur towards the majestic Hallgrímskirkja church, where we end our wonderful winter walk together, taking a peek at select stores along the way for Christmas-related things. As a bonus you will get exclusive discounts at a couple of Christmas stores, stalls, and even restaurants.


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  • Stroller and wheelchair friendly
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  • Tour operated by Your Friend in Reykjavík
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