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14/09/2011 | 00:00

Icelandair to Expand Operations in 2012

  • Number of flights will increase by 13% between years
  • Up to 400 flights per week –10,000 passengers per day
  • 2 million passengers in 2012
  • 52% growth from 2008  – 700,000 more passengers than in 2009
  • New destination: Denver, Colorado

Icelandair is pleased to announced a route schedule for 2012 which will be the largest in the company's history and 13% more extensive than this year’s schedule. A new year-round destination, Denver, Colorado, will be added, and the frequency of flights to various cities in the United States and Europe will be increased. The number of the company's passengers in 2012 is projected at 2 million, as compared to an estimated 1.8 million in 2011. A total of 16 Boeing 757 aircraft will be used to serve the company’s route network next summer, two more than in the current year.  The company’s aircraft will take off up to 400 times each week over the summer, and passengers will number about 10,000 per day at peak periods.

Icelandair’s plans for the current year are materialising, and market research indicates opportunities for profitable growth next year. The company’s strategy is to increase the flow of tourists to Iceland outside the high season; this was an influential factor in the decision to introduce year-round flights to and from Denver because of its strong winter market, including the market for ski tours.

In addition to four weekly flights to the new Denver destination, Icelandair will increase its number of flights to Washington, DC and Seattle and add more capacity from Manchester and Glasgow.  In total, Icelandair will fly to 31 destinations next year.

Hjörvar Sæberg Högnason, General Manager –UK and Ireland, said "With our new destination of Denver and increased capacity from both Manchester and Glasgow, we are giving our UK passengers more options and flexibility.  We provide an exciting way to travel to many of the top destinations in North America with some of the best elapsed travel times in the industry.  Plus our passengers can take advantage of an Iceland stopover which is truly unique.“

Icelandair bases its route network on the central location of Iceland between northern Europe and North America. The route network enables Icelandair to serve three markets: the domestic market in Iceland, the tourist market with Iceland as a destination, and the international market between Europe and North America. The tourist market to Iceland is showing a growth of  20% this year.

Icelandair is one of Iceland‘s longest established companies, connecting the world and Iceland for over 70 years.  Icelandair flies from the UK to Iceland with connecting service to Boston, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York City, Orlando, Seattle, Washington, DC, Halifax and Toronto.