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02/05/2017 | 00:00

Rolls-Royce joins with Icelandair to celebrate special anniversary

Rolls-Royce joined Icelandair today to celebrate 60 years of power for the airline’s fleet.
Both companies celebrated the anniversary in Iceland today, with customers travelling between Iceland and the UK receiving a commemorative gift on selected flights this week.
Icelandair has a special place in the history of Rolls-Royce, setting a number of records for the RB211-535E4 engines it operates. In 2000 Icelandair set a world record for continuous time on wing from entry into service when one engine achieved 40,531 flying hours, covering 18 million miles – the equivalent of 37 return trips to the moon.
Bruce Blythe, Rolls-Royce, Senior Vice President – Customers, Civil Aerospace, said: “Icelandair is a special customer and a history-maker in the RB211 story. Today, we continue to support Icelandair in service and look forward to the continued development of this longstanding relationship.”
Jens Bjarnason, Senior Vice President Icelandair Operations, said: “Rolls-Royce has played an important part in our success story and continue to do so. They have not only delivered reliable power to us, just as importantly they have continued to service and support their engines, ensuring our aircraft are available to fly.”
Icelandair currently operates 28 Boeing 757 aircraft powered by the RB211-535E4 and last year signed an order for further Rolls-Royce engine support through the SelectCare CareService.
The Rolls-Royce history with Icelandair comprises:
  • Vickers Viscount 1957-1967 – Dart engines
  • Canadair CL-44 1964-1973 – Tyne engines
  • Fokker F27 1965-1993 – Dart engines
  • Boeing 757 1990+ - RB211-535E4 engines
Icelandair itself is celebrating 80 years as an airline this year and is planning a series of events to mark the anniversary.