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Terms and Conditions for Carbon Calculator

Klappir Green Solutions and Kolviður have signed a collaborative agreement stating that Icelandair can now offer their passengers the opportunity to carbon offset their flights using Klappir digital solutions.

By basing calculations on Icelandair’s environmental statements, automatically generated by Klappir’s environmental solutions system, Icelandair, in collaboration with Kolviður, offers passengers the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint in a simple and efficient way.

Kolviður aims to sequester carbon in plants and soil in order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Kolviður has plantations in Geitasandur and around Úlfljótsvatn. The next targeted areas are in the vicinity of Skálholt and on Mosfellsheiði. Kolviður operates under the surveillance of the Icelandic National Audit Office and the carbon offset is measured by ÍSÚ (Íslensk skógarúttekt – the Icelandic Forestry Inventory), which collects all mandatory data on the sequestration of carbon in the forest according to the criteria laid out by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The planting is done from May throughout October. The Klappir software monitors the whole process and keeps track of the number and the location of the plants. A team of specialists from Kolviður carefully chooses the plant species and the type of fertilisers best suited to the location. Not all plants survive the process and Kolviður plants additional seedlings to replace those that do not survive. The basic criterion is to have 2500 living plants per one hectare of land, which then have up to 60 years to sequester the estimated amount of CO2.

About Kolviður
Kolviður is a fund that operates according to a regulation issued by the Icelandic government in 2006. The fund is monitored by the Icelandic National Audit Office.

The founders of the fund are the Icelandic Forestry Association and the Icelandic Environment Association, with the support of the Icelandic government. The aim of the fund is to sequester carbon dioxide in plants and soil and decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The fund works toward these goals by:
a. giving enterprises, organisations, and individuals a chance to become carbon neutral
b. financing plans to sequester carbon in soil and tree planting
c. actively protecting soil and plants
d. increasing both public and corporate awareness as regards greenhouse gas emissions
e. reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Iceland.

Íslensk skógarúttekt, which is based in Mógilsá, oversees the measuring of the carbon offset which is done by Kolviður, and third-party accountant bodies (today KPMG) verify that the required planting has indeed taken place and that enough finance is at hand to see the process through to the end.

About Klappir
Klappir Green Solutions is a pioneering Icelandic software solutions company that develops and helps enterprises and institutions implement digital solutions that make it both easy and lucrative to better manage environmental issues. Klappir’s smart environmental management solutions collect, process, and transmit environmental data, allowing companies, institutions and local and national governments alike to analyse their emissions and energy usage, set statistical goals, and gain a comprehensive overview of all polluting factors in their operations.

The Klappir software takes a holistic approach to environmental accounting and is among the first information systems of its kind in the world. Currently expanding internationally, Klappir has already built up a vibrant environmental network of more than 200 companies in Iceland, across 10 different industries, and is helping players both small and large take up smart environmental management and minimise their footprint on land, sea, and in the air.