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Connecting at Keflavík airport

Useful information for passengers who are connecting at Keflavík international airport.

Home of Icelandair

Keflavík international airport (KEF), located 50 km (31 miles) from the city of Reykjavík, is Icelandair’s hub and home. With flights to Europe and North America, many passengers connect at Keflavík airport for their onwards travel.

Keflavík airport only serves international flights so if your travels involve flying within Iceland, after arriving on an international flight in Keflavík airport, you will need to transfer to Reykjavík domestic airport (RKV) for your onwards journey domestically. 

There are several options for how to get to Reykjavík domestic airport. Those passengers who are transferring for onward domestic travel in Iceland should collect their baggage in Keflavík before proceeding to Reykjavík domestic airport.

Keflavík international airport

The airport in Keflavík has one terminal and operates on a zonal system, making it simple for travelers to navigate.

Flights to and from the US, the UK and Ireland, and Canada go through D gates, located on level 1. Flights to and from Europe (except the UK and Ireland) go through gates A or C, located on level 2.

To walk from the gates in zones A or C to those in zone D takes approximately 20 minutes.

Keflavik airport map

Icelandair service desks

If you need assistance between flights, there are service desks located on both levels of the terminal. 

On level 1, the Icelandair service desk is positioned next to gate D15. On level 2, it can be found next to gate C22. The service desks are open when Icelandair flights are arriving and/or departing and our team is always ready to assist you.

Icelandair Saga Lounge is within the Schengen area and can be accessed from level 2, by going up the stairs located next to the zone D border control area.

What you need to know if you’re connecting in Iceland

Transferring in Keflavík between Icelandair flights is smooth and easy. Here are a few practical things to keep in mind:

  • Your baggage will remain checked in through to your final destination unless you have booked a Stopover in Iceland or are connecting for onwards travel via Reykjavík airport, in which case you should collect any checked luggage from the baggage collection area.
  • Gate information will be displayed on flight information screens throughout the terminal, roughly 70-90 minutes before the flight departs.
  • We recommend downloading the Icelandair app to keep up to date with any announcements about your flight. Gate and boarding information is displayed in the app.
  • You will ordinarily receive a boarding card for each flight. If you do not have a boarding card for your second flight, please contact the Icelandair service desk representative at Keflavík airport.

Reykjavík domestic airport

Reykjavík airport (RKV) is used primarily for domestic flights. Those transiting through Keflavík airport to Reykjavík should be mindful to collect their baggage in Keflavík before commencing their onwards travel. The distance between the airports is 50 km (31 miles).

Reykjavík airport is a relatively small airport and service is always on hand should you need it.


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