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Pre-Purchased Extra Bag Terms and Conditions

If you plan to carry more than the checked baggage allowance on your Icelandair flight, you can purchase extra bags.

1. Pre-Purchased Extra Bag(s)

1.1. If you wish to carry more than the checked baggage allowance, you may purchase extra bags in addition to your baggage allowance on your ticket.

1.2. Additional bags may be purchased prior to the scheduled departure of the Icelandair operated flight. Extra bags can be purchased in advance at the Icelandair Service Center and at the Icelandair Sales Offices.

1.3. Pre-purchasing extra bag(s) is only possible if your flight is operated by Icelandair and has an Icelandair flight number (FI). For code-share and interline flights you can only purchase your extra bag(s) at the airport.

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2. Conditions applying to pre-purchased extra bag(s)

2.1. The pre-purchased extra bag(s) are always associated to your flight ticket and cannot be transferred to another passenger. Name changes are not permitted.

2.2. All pre-purchased extra bags must not exceed 23 kg each. Heavier bags (24 – 32 kg) will be charged at the airport. Bags over 32 kg will not be accepted.

2.3. A maximum of three extra bags may be purchased in advance.

2.4 Bags can be pre-purchased between each departure and destination within your itinerary on flights that are operated by Icelandair with Icelandair flight numbers (FI).

2.5. You are responsible to ensure that all the information provided when pre-purchasing the extra bag(s) are correct and reflects the itinerary as shown on your ticket. Please note that due to check-in processes, wrong information may result in your extra bag purchase not being accepted on your flight.

2.6. Upon check-in at the airport you will be required to show either a copy of your e-mail receipt, or email confirmation on your mobile phone, as a proof of purchase for your extra bag(s).

2.7. If you decide to check in with more bags than your free allowance plus pre-purchased bags, you will pay the normal excess baggage fees at the airport. Total number of bags may not exceed three extra bags per passenger.

2.8. In the event of a voluntary change (i.e. a change made by you), pre-purchased extra bag(s) will be accepted on the new flight at no additional cost, provided the flight route has not changed. If the flight route has changed the excess baggage is non-transferable and non-refundable.

3. Refunds

3.1. Pre-purchased extra bags are non-refundable. No refund is available for any unused portion of extra bags purchased.


(I) In the event of an involuntary schedule change, the pre-purchased extra baggage will automatically be moved to the new flight provided it is operated by Icelandair. Where the new flight is not operated by Icelandair, or Icelandair is unable to offer a suitable alternative flight, your pre-purchased extra baggage will be refunded.

(II) If you have previously purchased a Cancellation Protection Fee from Icelandair for your respective journey at the time of your ticket purchase, the fee covers the pre-purchased extra baggage. Read about the terms and conditions.

(III) If a pre-purchased extra bag is lost by Icelandair it is refunded. For refund if a pre-purchased extra bag is lost by Icelandair please contact Icelandair Service Center.

4. Eligible passengers

Pre-purchased extra bag(s) is not available in advance:

(I) if you have already checked-in for your flight at the airport, on your mobile, or online.

(II) for flights operated by another carrier (such as code share or interline flights which do not have an Icelandair (FI) flight number)

(III) if you are flying on an Icelandair (FI) charter flight

(IV) for carry-on baggage

(V) for standby or waitlisted passengers