Saga Premium

Saga Premium is Icelandair’s business class, with superior comfort and service. Seats have a 40” pitch and are configured 2+2. Fare includes priority check-in, lounge access, a la carte meals and alcoholic beverages.

Booking Changes:

Changes allowed for a change fee per ticket*. Fare difference to a higher available class may apply in addition to the change fee. Changes must be made before departure of originally scheduled flight.

*Change fee is based on where your journey begins:

Travel originating in USA: USD 350

Travel originating in Canada: CAD 450

Travel originating in United Kingdom: GBP 300

Travel originating in other European countries: EUR 350

Name changes are not permitted and booking changes are subject to availability in the applicable class.


The fare is non-refundable (including any carrier imposed surcharges). Unused government and/or airport taxes are refundable (note that this does not include the booking fee, which is non-refundable).

If a Saga Premium fare is upgraded to a Flex fare, the non-refundable terms of the original fare still apply, and only the difference paid for the Flex upgrade can be refunded.

NOTE: When a customer books and tickets a reservation through Icelandair's US website, reservations system, ticket counters or offices with departure from the USA, Icelandair will allow the customer to cancel the ticketed reservation without penalty and receive a full refund if the customer cancels the reservation within 24 hours of purchase and if the reservation is made one week or more prior to scheduled flight departure. All other refunds will be according to fare rule.


No discount for children.

Infants under 2 without seat get 75% discount on the fare, not including fuel surcharges, taxes or other fees. Please book as a child if you want a seat for your infant.

Name Correction (name changes not permitted):  

Please enter passenger name exactly as it appears in their current passports (i.e. do not use nicknames or abbreviations). If a name is spelled incorrectly, or the last name/first name format is reversed, do not hit the back button - you must start over! Either use the Start Over button at the bottom of the page or close the window and open a new one. If you hit the back button and change the names, the changes will not take and a fee will be charged for the correction. Name changes (i.e. Mary Smith to Cynthia Anderson) are not permitted.

             Name correction fee is based on where your journey begins:

                       Iceland 3600 ISK

                       USA: 30 USD

                       Canada: 30 CAD

                       Sweden: 350 SEK

                       Norway: 350 NOK

                       Denmark: 350 DKK

                       United Kingdom: 20 GBP

                       Finland: 35 EUR

                       Other European countries: 30 EUR

Please note:

Flight ticket must be used in the right order and flight coupons will only be honored in the order in which they are issued. If any flight segment is not used the remainder of the ticket is not valid and the remaining flight itinerary will be automatically cancelled. Contact Icelandair for further details.

When booking business class tickets with another airline in the same ticket, please note that due to limitations of aircraft type, it may not be possible to offer business class on the other carrier. In these cases you will be booked in the highest economy class and will be charged accordingly.