COVID-19 entry requirements | Icelandair
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Latest travel and health requirements

Fill in your information in the map below to check requirements for your travels. If you have a connecting flight, please click here to check the requirements.

We advise you to confirm the information with official government websites.

It's your responsibility: We remind travelers that it is their responsibility to ensure they have the relevant documents and meet their destination's entry requirements.

Icelandair may be required to deny boarding to passengers who do not fulfill these requirements.

Note that Icelandair check-in staff will inspect your COVID-related documents before your flight when this is required. In some instances, documents may be checked at the destination airport and/or accommodation.

Official resources

Please note that all entry and travel restrictions are government-initiated, Icelandair does not impose additional travel restrictions related to COVID-19 (such as further testing, etc). See below for the links to official government websites for our destinations.

Scroll down the page to find a checklist of things to consider before you travel. And please keep in mind that rules can change with short notice.

A useful source of information is IATA's COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map

Checklist before you fly

We recommend confirming the latest entry requirements for your destination before your trip. Here are some topics to consider and research.

COVID-19 test results / vaccination certificate

  • Some countries require passengers to present negative COVID-19 test results before their journey, or provide documentation of having been vaccinated or for having recovered from COVID-19. This requirement also often applies to transfer passengers. 
  • Test results must be recent – depending on each country's rules, not older than 24 or 72 hours. In some cases, only printed documentation is valid. 
  • Icelandair is required to deny boarding to passengers who do not bring relevant documents with them for their flight. 

Legitimate purpose and entry forms

  • Some countries may require a legitimate purpose for the travel, such as residency, employment, or family relations. 
  • Some countries require passengers to fill out a specific form before departure. 


  • Quarantine rules are often changing, so it’s important to understand the requirements in your destination before you arrive. 

Transfer flights

  • If you are taking more than one flight to reach your destination, you will need to check requirements for both your transfer point and your final destination.

Returning home

  • For your homecoming, we recommend looking into the up-to-date rules that apply to your trip. You may need to provide a negative COVID-19 test (regardless of vaccination status) prior to your flight or have to quarantine after returning home.