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10/01/2019 | 12:00 AM

Icelandair Statement on Boeing 737 MAX Operations

Last updated 22 January, 2020.

Icelandair Group has temporarily suspended operations of its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft until further notice.

Icelandair has updated its flight schedule as the Boeing 737-MAX is not expected back into service for summer 2020. This decision has a minimum impact on Icelandair's passengers and flight schedule for this period. Due to the MAX suspension, Icelandair will keep more Boeing 757s in operation in 2020 than originally planned. In addition, the Company has entered into leasing agreements regarding three Boeing 737-800 that come into operation in the spring.

Icelandair will continue to monitor any developments in the extensive process, led by international aviation authorities, that aims at ensuring the Boeing 737 MAX’s safe return to service.

Passengers affected by the suspension will be notified accordingly. We encourage all passengers to ensure that they have entered the correct email address and mobile phone number into “Manage Booking”, in order to receive all up-to-date information.