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Our in-flight store, Saga Shop, offers travelers a wide selection of exotic perfumes, exciting accessories, delicious sweets and elegant jewelry, all at duty-free prices.

Icelandair is a cashless airline. We accept payments on board using all debit and credit cards, and Saga Points, but no cash currency of any kind.

Saga Shop brochure

You can peruse the brochure of Saga Shop offerings at your leisure and make a purchase during the flight. You can also make a purchase online and have the products delivered to you on the flight.

Check out our selection of products online and download our brochure at the Saga Shop website.

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Spectacular prices

All prices are tax- and duty-free since Iceland is not part of the European Union and is therefore not restricted by the regulation of abolished duty-free in Europe. Saga Shop offers you a wide range of excellent products at fantastic prices with 25-40% savings from retail in most European countries.