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Wi-Fi On Board

Stay connected throughout your flight, from the moment you take your seat until you disembark the plane!

From Gate to Gate

A Wi-Fi connection is now available to our across our fleet, from the moment you step on the plane, until you are back in the airport. 

Passengers on Economy can get access to the Wi-Fi for a small fee, but if you are flying on on Saga Premium, Saga Premium Flex, and Saga Gold members, get a complimentary Wi-Fi access for two devices.

Wi-Fi prices

Iceland - EuropeIceland - North America
Price * €4 €9.7

*Prizes for Wi-Fi are always in euros. It will be noted as "ROW44 Icelandair Wi-Fi" on your credit card statement.

Our in-flight Wi-Fi is ideal for:

  • Emails
  • Light browsing
  • Social media

Connecting to in-flight Wi-Fi is simple:

  1. Set your device to flight mode and activate your Wi-Fi.
  2. Choose “Icelandair Internet Access”.
  3. Open your browser of choice and select “Get Wi-Fi” to access the Wi-Fi portal and make your purchase.

The Connection

The connection is equivalent of a 3G connection on the ground. Wi-Fi is available on every flight, but some areas in North America are outside of the coverage area. The image on the left outlines the coverage area. Wi-Fi is active throughout your flight.