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Brush Up on Class Up


Only certain flights are eligible for Class Up upgrades.

If your flight is eligible, you will receive an email with a link to the bidding site 10 days before you start your trip.

You can also check your eligibility by visiting the Icelandair website and typing in your name and six-character booking reference under My Journey.

Passengers who purchased tickets using Saga Points are eligible for a Class Up upgrade. 

Other options for an upgrade

The Class Up service is only available online. It is not available at the airport.

At the airport, it may be possible to purchase a conventional upgrade, depending on availability.

Cost of bidding

There is no charge for bidding for an upgrade with Class Up.

Passengers must enter their credit card details when bidding for an upgrade, so that the card can be verified. The bid amount will be charged only if an upgrade is awarded.

Before making an offer please choose whether the bid is made using a credit card or Saga Points. Should you choose to use your Saga Points for making a bid, please log in using your email address or Saga Card number and Saga Club password. Afterwards please confirm your offer that you wish to make in Saga Points. A payment method when money and Saga Points are combined is not available when making a bid for an upgrade, only one form of payment is to be chosen.

Note that France and the UK levy additional taxes for Saga Premium flight tickets. The additional taxes are paid by the passenger and are calculated as part of the upgrade bid.

Flight segments

The invitation to bid is divided into flight segments. Passengers do not have to submit a bid for all segments of an itinerary. It is possible to submit different bids for each flight segment.

Traveling with others

The bid amount is per passenger, per flight segment.

If a booking is for more than one person, the invitation to upgrade will include everyone in that booking. So, a couple or a family who are registered on the same reservation will be included in the invitation to bid for an upgrade.

The passenger whose name is listed first in the booking will receive the email invitation to participate in Class Up.

If not everyone in your booking would like to participate in Class Up, it is possible to split a booking before you make a bid. Note that a bid must be submitted at least 42 hours before departure.

Submitting a bid

It is not possible to call Icelandair to place a bid. All Class Up bids must be submitted online.

An upgrade bid can be submitted up to 26 hours before departure - as long as the service is available.

There is no charge for submitting an upgrade bid. If the upgrade is awarded, the bid amount will be debited from the passenger’s credit card.

Changing or canceling a bid

It is possible to change or cancel the upgrade bid through the upgrade system up to 42 hours before scheduled departure, as long as the bid has not been accepted. Access to the upgrade system is possible through the system link that appears in the email inviting you to participate in Class Up.

Once the bid has been accepted, it is not possible to change or cancel.

Selection or rejection of a bid

There are many factors that determine whether a Class Up bid is accepted. The main factors:

  • the participation of other passengers booked on the same flight
  • the amount you are willing to pay for the upgrade.

Passengers who bid will receive an email at least 26 hours before departure, which lets them know if their bid was accepted.

Separate notifications are sent for each flight segment that was bid on. 

Changing or canceling a confirmed upgrade

After receiving an upgrade confirmation, it is not possible for a passenger to get a refund. The amount that was bid for the upgrade cannot serve as payment for an upgrade on another date.

Instances where upgrades can be refunded:

  • if the airline reroutes or cancels the flight
  • If the passenger purchased cancellation insurance with their original ticket and presents a doctor’s certificate

Ticket conditions

If an upgrade bid is successful, ticket conditions will be same as for the original ticket purchased, in terms of cancellation fee, change fee, minimum and maximum stay, and other limitations. 

Seating options

If your bid for an upgrade is confirmed, you will be able to select a seat in Saga Premium using Manage Booking on the Icelandair website. You can also select a seat during online check-in. Alternatively, you will be assigned a seat by the attendant at the Saga Premium counter at the airport.

Saga Points and Class Up

Passengers who purchase tickets using Saga Points are eligible for a Class Up upgrade.

Saga Points are not earned on the upgrade component of a Class Up flight.

Terms and Conditions

Read the full terms and conditions for Class Up.