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Select a Seat

One of the perks of booking your flight directly with us – on our website or through our customer center – is that you can request the seat of your choice.

When You Book

If no seats are available for request at the time of booking, it does not mean that no seats are available on the flight. It just means that the remaining seats available on the flight must be assigned and allocated at the airport.

We do not overbook our flights. In most circumstances, if you have paid for your flight you will be guaranteed a seat on board.

You may be unable to select seats with us if your travel includes multiple airlines. In these cases, please contact the operating carrier of the specific flights for seat requests.

When You Check in

You can select your seat directly when you check in. Online check-in is available for flights to and from Europe and Canada within 36 hours of departure, and within 24 hours for flights to and from USA.

Online check-in is available for all destinations operated by Icelandair. 

We will do everything possible to fulfill your seat request. However, we cannot give any guarantees to that end. 

If you want to secure a seat with more legroom, buy here: More legroom

Please note

We reserve the right to modify seat requests at any time for operational and/or safety reasons.