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10/19/2016 | 12:00 AM

Icelandair Celebrates Toronto with Taste of Iceland and a #craYYZgiveaway

Quincy, MA, October 19, 2016 – Earlier this month, Icelandair traveled to Toronto, their largest Canadian gateway, to meet the locals, award a few lucky winners round-trip tickets to Europe, and provide everyone with a culinary taste of Europe. Now, the airline returns to bring Toronto a Taste of Iceland, literally.

The annual Taste of Iceland festival returns to Toronto for the sixth time next month to celebrate Icelandic culture. During this four-day event, attendees will have the chance to experience authentic Icelandic cuisine, music, film and literature.

While Taste of Iceland is taking place, Icelandair will host its own special #craYYZgiveaway. (This offer has expired)

So, what exactly is a #craYYZgiveaway? From November 11-13, 2016, Icelandair representatives will take to the streets of Toronto and the surrounding metropolitan area to provide locals the daily chance to win a pair of round-trip tickets to Iceland with an exciting scavenger hunt! Plus, everyone will be a winner with further giveaways including gift certificates for travel on Icelandair, T-shirts, Icelandic music CDs and other cool prizes.

How can you participate?

* During the three-day giveaway, Icelandair will provide a password on Facebook and Twitter, along with clues to help find the location of each day’s tickets

* Clues will be given at various times of the day until the tickets are found

* The first person to arrive at the secret location and reveal the password to the Icelandair representative(s) will win round-trip tickets for two to Iceland.

For further information, “like” Icelandair on Facebook (, follow on Twitter (@Icelandair) or visit the official #craYYZgiveaway terms and conditions.

Icelandair, in operation since 1937, has a long, illustrious history of bridging North America and mainland Europe through Iceland. The airline has helped boost tourism to its home country in record numbers and helped to make Iceland one of Europe’s hottest destinations. Today, Icelandair continues to grow by adding new aircraft to its modern fleet, more destinations and popular amenities including personal in-flight entertainment and gate-to-gate Wi-Fi access for every passenger.

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