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05/10/2016 | 12:00 AM

Icelandair’s Glasgow Flights Increase to Daily in September

Currently Icelandair operate 6 flights a week from Glasgow-Reykjavik, from 7th September 2016 this will increase to daily - the additional flight will depart on Wednesday from Keflavik each morning at 07.30 into Glasgow at 10.40.   The flight will then depart Glasgow at 14.05 arriving into Keflavik airport at 15.25.

Icelandair, in operation since 1937, has a long, illustrious history of providing flights from Europe to North America. It’s first ever flight into the UK back in 1945 was to Largs Bay, Scotland.   Glasgow continues to build the partnership with Icelandair, seeing traffic between the two airports increase significantly over the years.

Andres Jónsson, General Manager, Icelandair said “We are delighted to increase the frequency of flights from Glasgow to daily year-round service with exemption of January and February. We continue to offer more availability and flexibility to our passengers to plan their journeys and will enable all our transatlantic flights to connect seamlessly with the Glasgow flights. Icelandair now offers 16 North American destinations and to many of them travelling via Iceland is the fastest and most convenient way to travel.”

Steven Marshall, Head of Airline Marketing & Development at Glasgow Airport, said "Icelandair has been steadily adding capacity at Glasgow over the course of the past three years and this latest announcement is extremely welcome indeed. The fact it will now offer a daily service is not only a clear vote of confidence in Glasgow, it goes to show how popular the city is as a destination for the North American tourist market. We have a long and proud association with Icelandair and it is apt that it is making this announcement during the month we officially turn 50. Icelandair is one of three airlines that have been with us since our first day of operations on 2 May 1966 and we're looking forward to working with the team at Icelandair to ensure we both enjoy another successful 50 years together."

Icelandair now offer services to 16 North American gateways with connections from 6 UK airports including London Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Aberdeen airports.

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Icelandair’s geographic position on the shortest flight path between UK and North America means it offers the quickest route to many of the existing 16 gateways they fly to. 

Currently Icelandair fly from Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow airports via Iceland to Anchorage, Vancouver, Edmonton, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Minneapolis, Toronto, Orlando, Washington DC, New York (JFK & Newark), Boston, Halifax, Chicago and Montreal. Icelandair began flights from Aberdeen airport on 9th March 2015 operated by sister airline Air Iceland.

Only Icelandair allows passengers to take an Icelandair Stopover for up to seven nights at no additional airfare.