Special Children Travel Fund Benefits 28 Families | Icelandair
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04/26/2019 | 12:00 AM

28 families receive a grant from Icelandair's Special Children Travel Fund

Icelandair’s Special Children Travel Fund supports children with long-term illnesses and children who live in difficult circumstances. The goal of the fund is to give children from Iceland and other countries an opportunity to travel with their families. The fund was established by Icelandair on the First Day of Summer in 2003. The patron of the Special Children Travel Fund is Ms Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former President of Iceland.

The fund is financed in three ways: 

  • through Icelandair’s founding contribution 
  • through donations by members of the Icelandair Saga Club, who can donate a certain number of frequent flyer miles annually
  • through surplus change that passengers place in envelopes provided in the seat pockets of Icelandair aircraft, which are collected by flight attendants at the end of each flight. 

Allocations from the fund are made twice a year, on the First Day of Summer and the First Day of Winter in Iceland.

This year, 28 children will get an opportunity to travel with their families through the fund - around 100 people in total. 

Since the first contribution on the First Day of Summer in 2003, 677 children have been able to travel with their family, thanks to assistance from the Special Children Travel Fund.

Read more about the fund and its work.

How you can support the Special Children Travel Fund

A light cream teddy bear called a Special Angel, wearing wings and a bow tie, pictured against a white background

When you buy a Special Angel teddy bear from Icelandair's Saga Shop Collection, all profit will go to the Icelandair Special Children Travel Fund.