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Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect integration


From March 16, Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect unite as Icelandair

This change is a part of strengthening our domestic route network and will benefit passengers in many ways, from better prices to more destinations and added frequent flyer benefits. Icelandair will therefore be a part of your Iceland journey, no matter whether you're arriving, exploring, or departing.

We know that our customers may have questions around this, and below you'll find answers to the main questions.

Existing Air Iceland Connect bookings

Do you have a flight booked with Air Iceland Connect? Here you'll find information about current bookings.


Information on changes to fare categories and flight bookings after integration.

Gift Certificates

Here you'll find information about Gift Certificates issued by Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect.


Information on baggage allowances and changes following integration.

Unaccompanied minors

Information on the service for children traveling alone on domestic flights.

Icelandair Saga Club

Here you'll find questions and answers about everything related to Icelandair Saga Club, and the use and collection of Saga Points.

Major changes in services and fees

With the integration of Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect, there will be some significant changes in services and fees for domestic flights.

  • Icelandair Economy fares take over from Air Iceland Connect Light / Classic / Flexible fares.
  • The checked baggage allowance for domestic flights increases from 20 kg to 23 kg.
  • New rules on change fees take effect. No changes will be allowed for Economy Light fares. The change fee for Economy Standard will be 4000 ISK per person. No change fee for Economy Flex.
  • New rules on seat selection take effect. Seat selection will cost 900 ISK in Economy Light, but will be included in Economy Standard and Economy Flex.
  • Members of Saga Club receive more Saga Points for each domestic flight after integration. Economy Light: 500 points (previously 200 points). Economy Standard: 1000 points (previously 500 points). Economy Flex: 1500 points (previously 1000 points).

If you don't find answers to your questions, feel free to contact us.

The Icelandair app - for both domestic and international flights

Following the integration of Air Iceland Connect and Icelandair, passengers on domestic flights will benefit from access to the Icelandair app, which makes travel easy. Book, check in and get your boarding pass, all via your smartphone. We provide relevant information at the right time and place.

Download the Icelandair app from App Store or Google Play.