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Conditions for Saga Club Membership

Individuals, 12 years of age or older, are eligible for membership. Corporations, organisations and/or other entities are not eligible for membership. In applying for membership the applicant authorizes Icelandair to use all stored information for marketing and public relations purposes.

Applicants must provide full name to participate in the Saga Club program. Full name means the given name, middle initial or middle name, if any, and family or surname. The full name must be the same as the name on the member's passport or other valid travel document (i.e. Visa, Resident Alien Card, etc.).

An application will only be accepted if it is fully completed. All applications and notifications of change of address or names must be signed by the applicant/member.

Members may only hold one points account. A member may resign from the program at any time by sending written notice to Icelandair Saga Club along with his or her card, cut in half. All accumulated points will then be cancelled. Notice that each email address can only be assigned to one member.

The Points Award System

  • Two kinds of points are given: Saga Points and Card Points. 
  • Saga Points are used to obtain travel, accommodation or car rental awards. 
  • Card Points determine entitlement to membership of Saga Silver or Saga Gold.
  • No child discount is on upgrade with points.

The Saga Cards

Saga Blue card is sent to members after their first Icelandair flight activity has been registered to their Saga Club account. Saga Club members who earn 40,000 Card Points within a 12 month period are upgraded to Saga Silver.

Saga Silver members must earn 30,000 Card Points within a 12 month period for membership to be renewed. Saga Silver members who earn 80,000 Card Points within a 12 month period are automatically upgraded to Saga Gold.

Saga Gold members must earn 70,000 Card Points within a 12 month period for membership to be renewed.

Name change requests cannot be processed over the phone. A copy of supporting legal documentation (e.g., court order) must be submitted by fax/mail and will be required for any name change requests.

Earning Points

All Icelandair, Alaska Airlines and Jet Blue scheduled flights give both Saga Points and Card Points. The member who flies with Icelandair earns the points regardless who pays for the ticket. Only tickets indicating a published fare give points. In the case of an upgrade, points are given based on the booked and paid class, not the upgraded class.

Points are given for completed travel. No points are given for tickets that are purchased but not used. Icelandair may add service partners to the program. Services of partners specified in the current points table give Saga Points, but not Card Points.

Learn more about earning points.


Saga Points are not inheritable and are not transferable in the event of a member's death. However one legal heir may have the Saga Points transferred to his/her account if certain conditions are fulfilled. A copy of supporting legal documentation must be submitted by mail for Icelandair's review and will be required for any such transaction. 

The documents must contain the following: 

  • The frequent flyer number of both members (the deceased and the receiving member) 
  • Confirmation by appropriate government authority which enlists of all legal heirs 
  • Signed approval of other legal heirs 

Points Statement

Members can study their points statements on our website by entering their username and password through the Log-in.  Members can also send mail to to have the Points Statement mailed to them.

If anything has been incorrectly registered or omitted in your statement you can send us a copy of your flight ticket or copies of receipt from our service partners within the next 12 months. It is advisable to keep all flight tickets and boarding passes in order to be able to claim a correction.

Redeeming Saga Points

Once you have accumulated a sufficient number of Saga Points, you can apply for a travel Award or service Award. Members shall order travel Awards on Icelandair Saga Club web-site or they can contact Saga Club Member Service. Saga Points can be used for friends and relatives. 

Award flights may be taken at any time of year. Seating availability is dependent on supply and demand. Reservations for travel Awards on scheduled Icelandair flights may be changed after tickets have been issued for a change fee. 

Members must hold a valid card and must have accumulated sufficient points to qualify for the travel or service Award applied for. Saga Points cannot be used as part-payment for a flight ticket. Learn more about redeeming points.

Upgrades for Saga Points

When flying with Icelandair, members of Icelandair Saga Club have the option of upgrading their seat and service on certain travel classes using their Saga Points. Economy Class Passengers travelling on FLEX fares can upgrade to Economy Comfort and Economy Comfort passengers can upgrade to Saga Class.

When members upgrade for Saga Points they are upgrading the service and seat and receive all service benefits available to on their upgraded travel class. However, members earn Saga Points according to paid fare. It is possible to apply for an upgrade on parts of flights, for example one way only.
Buy and Share Saga Points.

Members can Buy Saga Points for themselves,  or to give someone a Gift and they can  Share Saga Points between Saga Club accounts.  Transaction fee is added to each transaction.

Learn more about upgrading for Saga Points.

Points Depreciation

Saga Points are valid for up to four years, i.e. the calendar year when the respective flight is made and the three following years. If a member has not used his/hers points for an Award flight or other services by that time, all the points accumulated for the first year become void on December 31. Unused points earned during the second year become void at the end of the following year. All Card Points become void after one year.

Saga Club Partners

All information on Points accrual and Points redemption at Icelandair Saga Club partners can be found on


Icelandair reserves the right to terminate or change its Frequent Flyer Program, Icelandair Saga Club, at any time, with or without prior notice. This includes the right to change or terminate these terms and conditions, the Membership Guide, points structure, redemption terms and card issuing procedure. If the program is terminated, all accumulated points may be cancelled. Icelandair will make a reasonable effort to notify members if it is decided to terminate the program. 

Icelandair shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from such changes in rules or termination of the program. Any change to these terms and conditions shall be binding upon the member 30 days from notification of change. A member who cannot accept the change shall return the card, cut in half, to Icelandair within 30 days of notification of change. The member will be deemed as having accepted the changes on using the card, or ordering or using any Award or benefit offered. 

Award flights may under no circumstances be sold. Icelandair reserves the right to cancel Award flights that have been wrongfully obtained. 

Unwillingness to comply with these terms, as well as other Icelandair Saga Club terms, can lead to confiscation of a member's card and cancellation of points. 

All flight and service Awards are offered subject to changes and availability. In some instances Icelandair has made an arrangement with other parties to render certain services to members such as Airline partners, Car Rentals and Hotels. Current parties (partners) are: Alaska Airlines, Finnair and Air Iceland. Icelandair Saga Shop and Saga Kitchen, Hertz Car Rental and Sixt Car Rental. Radisson BLU and Park Inn Hotels. Radisson® and Park Plaza®, Icelandair Hotels, HiltonHonors and Icelandair may, add certain partners to the program and/or cancel current partnership.

Icelandair will make a reasonable effort to ensure that these services will be available to members, but does not guarantee their availability.

Icelandair shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by provision or non provision of its partners´ services. Icelandair shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by withdrawal of any of these parties from the program.

If you wish to be removed from our mailing database, please drop us a line.

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