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Class Up

With Icelandair Class Up, you can bid for an upgrade and enjoy a seat in Saga Premium.

Icelandair passengers are already a class act, we know that for sure. But what if we could give you extra class – and a little luxury, too?

Step on up from Economy to Saga Premium with our Class Up program. Traveling should be fun, so go ahead: bid for an opportunity to be upgraded. Make us an offer we (possibly) can’t refuse.

Please note that due to the aircraft serving these routes, Class Up is not available on domestic flights and flights to Greenland.

Saga Premium

Saga Premium is Icelandair’s premium cabin class, with wide seats and more legroom. Saga Premium passengers enjoy perks like priority check-in and lounge access before they fly. In the air, there are fluffy pillows, noise-canceling headphones, complimentary food and drinks, and superior privacy and service.

How does Class Up work?

They say money can’t buy class – but it can buy you Class Up, a cabin class upgrade.

If your flight is eligible, you will receive an email 10 days before you start your trip. You will be sent a link so you can bid to upgrade your ticket from Economy Standard or Economy Flex to Saga Premium. You can also check if you are eligible for Class Up by entering your name and booking number at the top of this webpage. 

If you are eligible, there are three simple steps. 

    Decide the amount you’re willing to pay for a seat in Saga Premium (in addition to your original ticket cost).
    Provide your contact details and credit card number for payment. Your card will be charged only if your bid is successful.
    Submit your bid, then savor the anticipation as you wait to hear the outcome. We will notify you by email at least 26 hours before your flight.

If there is Class Up success: Congratulations! We welcome you to Saga Premium.

If not: We hope to see you at the front of the plane next time around. And we hope you will enjoy a refreshing Icelandair travel experience regardless of where you sit.

Class Up – in a nutshell

Upgrades are offered per flight segment.

If your booking is for more than one person, your invitation to upgrade will include everyone in that booking. Your bid amount is per passenger, per flight segment.

Saga Club members can bid with their Saga Points as a form of payment.

The bid amount is additional to and does not include the original flight ticket cost.

It costs nothing to submit a bid. If the bid is successful you will be charged.

If successful, upgrades are non-refundable.

More details are outlined at Upgrade with Class Up.

Bid for an upgrade with your Saga Points

All Saga Club members are eligible to bid for an upgrade using their Saga Points.
It couldn’t be easier. When you have received a link to bid for an upgrade and have opened the bidding webpage please log in using your email address or Saga Club number and Saga Club password. Then submit your bid for an upgrade in Saga Points, confirm the amount and wait for the outcome. In other respects, the process and the terms and conditions are the same as when a bid is made using a credit card.