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Traveling with Pets

We pride ourselves on making sure your pets travel just as well as you do.

All pets transported on Icelandair travel in a special climate-controlled transport area in the cargo area of the aircraft.

A maximum of four animal crates can be carried on each aircraft. However, two animals can share a crate if both are small and of the same species.

The following dog breeds are not accepted on Icelandair flights due to breathing issues: Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tosa Inu and Dogo Argentino. 

Escort, rescue, and sniffer dogs may be carried in the cabin, but they must also be booked in advance.


The charge for pet transport is the following:

Price per crate US$126 US$148 US$174

* Zone 1 - Within Europe
* Zone 2 - Between Iceland and North America
* Zone 3 - Between Europe and North America

Pets must be booked in advanced in the passenger's reservation. Icelandair cannot confirm animals traveling on flights operated by other carriers.

Book a Pet Transport

To book your pet for transport please contact the reservation office located nearest to you. When booking your pet for transport, you will be required to provide the exact dimensions and weight of the crate (including the pet inside) for a confirmation. 

Maximum crate dimensions are 36 in (length) x 25 in (width) x 28 in (height). Combined weight of a pet and its crate may not exceed 88 lb.

The passenger must provide their own pet crate. We only accept animals in IATA-approved crates

Many countries require a mandatory quarantine of pets upon entry. It is the responsibility of the passenger to determine the requirements of the country being entered.

Please contact the embassy of your destination to determine if travel with your pet is permitted before you book your pet.

Special rules for animals transport to/via the UK

All pets traveling to the United Kingdom must be transported as cargo consignment. Please contact Icelandair Cargo for further information on the transport of animals to/via the United Kingdom.

Traveling With a Trained and Certified Service Dog

Passenger must provide a minimum of two business days' advance notification to Icelandair when traveling with a service dog.

  • A maximum transit layover time at Keflavík Airport for passengers with service dogs is three hours.
  • An Icelandair Stopover is NOT allowed in Iceland since all live animals entering Iceland are quarantined for a period of four weeks.
  • Icelandair will only accept one service dog per flight.
  • Approval from MAST (Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority) is necessary for the transit at Keflavík Airport.
  • Live animals accompanying passengers will not be accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin except for trained and certified seeing-eye, hearing-ear and service dogs accompanying a blind or deaf person, or someone with a physical or mental disability.

Service dogs are dogs that have completed some type of formal training to perform specific functions such as path-finding, picking up objects, opening doors, carrying things, reacting to sounds, providing additional stability etc. The service dog must be providing support to the actual traveler.

An assistance dog is one which has been specifically trained to assist a disabled person and has been qualified by one of the charitable organizations, meeting the full membership criteria of Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), the accrediting bodies for assistance dog organizations worldwide. Unfortunately, we can't allow any dogs, regardless of their size, to travel in the passenger cabin of our aircraft unless they are specially trained and certified as assistance animals.

Therapy animals – pets that have been trained to visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and other facilities, and registered as such by a therapy organization – are not considered to be service animals.

Seating Service Animals

Service animals accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin in accordance with the above may not be placed in a seat row adjacent to an emergency exit. A service dog should sit in the floor space in front of the customer's assigned seat but cannot protrude into the aisles.

Icelandair will carry a recognized assistance dog free of charge in the cabin.

Transit at Keflavík Airport

Due to Icelandic regulations from the Ministry of Agriculture, animals in transit are not allowed to be in contact with other animals in the airport.

Customers with service dogs are escorted by a member of staff to a secluded area where they can wait for their connecting flight. When the connecting flight is ready for departure, a member of staff will come and guide the customer to the departure gate.

The airport has a facility where the animal can be taken to do their needs while in transit since animals are not allowed outside of the airport.

Documents and Certificates for Service Animals

The passenger must be in possession of all documents required by the authorities of the country of transit and/or destination for the service animal. Icelandair will not be held responsible if entry into or passage through any country is denied. Customers should contact the appropriate consulate or embassy to make sure that all necessary procedures are followed.

Traveling with a Certified Emotional Support Dog

Emotional support and psychiatric assist dogs are also accepted in the cabin for qualified individuals with a disability if certain documentation requirements are met. Please have a qualified medical/mental health professional (a doctor) fill out this Psychiatric/Therapeutic/Emotional Support Dog Authorization and send a copy of the form to Icelandair via the special assistance form along with a doctors certificate stating the need to travel with the dog.

  • A maximum transit layover time at Keflavík Airport for passengers with service animals is three hours.
  • No Icelandair Stopover is allowed in Iceland since all live animals entering Iceland are quarantined for a period of four weeks.
  • Icelandair will only accept one emotional support dog per flight.
  • Approval from MAST (Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority) is necessary for the transit at Keflavík Airport.

The owner assumes all risk of injury to, or sickness or death of, any such animal accepted for transportation.

Passenger must provide a minimum of two business days' advance notification to Icelandair for the Service Center to validate the required documentation.

Verification of documentation will include Icelandair contacting your medical/mental health professional. If we are unable to validate the documentation or if the advance notification is not given we will not be able to accept your emotional support animal. The form may not be more than six months old.

At check-in, the passenger will be required to show and have on hand all documents regarding the animal and also a doctor's certificate to confirm that they have to travel with a service animal.