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Beyond Flight Theater: Stopover Performances

This fall, we launched our new Stopover Pass service by producing the world’s first immersive in-flight theater experience on a plane from London to New York with a Stopover in Iceland. Our staff and professional actors took to the task – and the skies – with gusto, creating a performance to remember. This one-time event, named Ahead of Time, was but the beginning of an exciting year of performances!

The Icelandair Stopover Pass

Our Icelandair Stopover Pass gives you the chance to further enhance your transatlantic travels. To liven up your Stopover, we’ve lined up one-off happenings all winter. If you’re flying with us between September 2017 and April 2018, see if you can find your kind of entertainment on our event calendar below.

Stopover Perfomances

From Live Lounge sessions to exclusive standup comedy, there’s enough to choose from. And it’s highly likely you can get a Stopover Buddy to tag along and show you the ropes in Reykjavík! Our acclaimed buddies are ready to offer insights into our country and culture.

See something you like? Then apply via the form below to turn your boarding pass into a Stopover Pass!

What is Icelandair Stopover?

When you fly Icelandair across the Atlantic, you can Stopover in Iceland for no extra airfare. That gives you the opportunity to explore Iceland, both country and culture, without adding to your ticket price.

Keep your eye out, too – we might add even more events over the coming months.