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Flights from Manchester to Philadelphia

Choose Icelandair to fly from Manchester (MAN) to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PHL). Enjoy our refreshing travel experience, which includes hundreds of hours of movies and music in our in-seat entertainment system, USB chargers in every seat and Wi-Fi access. You'll enjoy an easy transit at our Keflavik hub and one of the shortest flying times between North America and Europe.

If the Colonial North-East corner of the United States is the birthplace of the nation, surely Philadelphia is the very cradle. An important meeting place for the Founding Fathers of the United States, the city provided the location for the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the Constitution in 1787. Visit the Old City on the banks of the Delaware River for Independence Visitor Center, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Museum of the American Revolution.

The Old City is, however, not entirely bound in colonial times as the revitalized Delaware River Waterfront is a buzzing hub of activity with a number of irresistible attractions, parks and restaurants, complete with a beautiful view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge to add to the experience.

The City of Brotherly Love

The name Philadelphia is derived from Greek, literally meaning brotherly love. With the founding father most commonly associated with the city – polymath Benjamin Franklin – being a noted philanthropist, you can rest assured love is all around in the very DNA of Philly. Head to John F. Kennedy Plaza, a.k.a. Love Park to visit the famous LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana and have a Philly cheese steak afterwards – the most famous local delicacy and famed comfort food – and you will sense the love encompassing both mind and body. A decadent sundae in the Old City will also do nothing but reinforce the reciprocal love between you and Philadelphia.

Lift your hands to heaven like Rocky Balboa!

Yes, it’s him – the city’s most famous boxer stands immortalized below the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and is an attraction in his own right. Fans from all over the world come to seek inspiration from the everyman underdog who became world champion as portrayed by Sylvester Stallone. Whether you actually run up the stairs as Rocky did in the Academy Award winning first film from 1976, or just pump your fists to the skies like the statue does, as featured in the third instalment, is up to you. Afterwards, we recommend a visit to the 125-year-old Reading Terminal Market, at once a dazzling destination with dozens of restaurants and an incomparable source for fresh produce, meats and cheese, and seafood for visitors.

Add a stopover in Iceland to your journey!

Passengers flying from Manchester to Philadelphia with Icelandair have the option to stopover in Iceland. You could simply change planes and be in and out of the airport in under an hour, but you could also do a stopover on our island for anywhere from 1 to 7 days, at no additional airfare. You will have the opportunity to explore Iceland's geyser, waterfalls and caves, and to visit the charming capital of Reykjavik.

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